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Saturday, March 24, 2012

{Two} of My Best Buds

Hey guys!

Best friends are the best. Ha! But really, they are. I think it's important to have a few very best friends. They can all be "best" at one thing in particular - whether they're your best friend at making you laugh, your best friend at listening to your problems, or your best friend to goof off with. You can have best friends at everything, and I consider myself very lucky to have the people that I do in my life.

I've always been a huge believer in the statement that it's better to have a few very, very good friends instead of many acquaintances. Some people like to have a huge group of not-s0-good friends, but to me it's better to have the few and the fabulous. It's the quality not the quantity that counts when it comes to friendships right?

In one of my first posts I talked about how Kyle is my best friend - and he is! He's there for everything and I love him for it. We have the most fun together. However, this post isn't about Kyle...it's about the wonderful girls in my life! I'm leaving out a few :( but these are just the two that are there for me always.

1. My sister, Lucy. We're five years (almost five) apart but that doesn't stop us - we're the best of friends. Having a sister is the biggest blessing. It's like being born into having a girlfriend that will always have your back no matter what. It's having a girlfriend who will always stand up for you and protect you and make sure you're happy. Sure we had our fights, and our tattle wars, and our "don't wear my clothes" wars, but we still had a great time all the time. She's like a walking inside joke - half the things I see everyday can be traced back to some joke we have that only she knows, and I love having that bond with someone. I couldn't ask for a better big sister. She's always there for me and I try to be as good to her as she is to me. She's the craziest, most confident and most wonderful girl ever. She's the only girl I know that doesn't need makeup and looks even more beautiful without any on. She's spunky and is the definition of "being yourself." Maybe that's why it's been so easy for me to be myself! Every girl with a sister is truly, truly blessed. It's a lifelong friend. The craziest part for us? We are both adopted, so it's fate that we ended up being sisters. God knew we were supposed to find each other and be together forever...so here we are!
{Us as littles}
{Just the two of us}
{Nothing but love}

2. My high school girl, Francesca. Every girl in high school dealt with some shall we say, turbulence? when it came to friendships. There were rumors, fights - well, we've all seen Mean Girls and lived through it so you know what I'm talking about. Francesca and I actually didn't become friends until our senior year. It was weird - we had the same mutual friends but for some reason just never linked up with one another. Senior year though our boyfriends were best friends, so it was only natural that we became close too - and we did! We had the most fun doing nothing, and we had our little tradition of getting frozen yogurt before the boys baseball games. From our lunch table, to prom, to graduation, we survived senior year together and had a pretty perfect year - the best that anyone could ask for. I don't know what I'd do if we hadn't become friends, and I don't want to. Francesca is the type of friend that I can not talk to for months at a time, then when we pick up again it feels like just yesterday...like no time has passed. Those are the best of friends - the ones that you can be apart from for months but see each other and have nothing have changed.
{Through everything we go!}
{Always there}

Well I tried to keep it as short as possible, but that's just a little taste into my love for my two best girlfriends.

"A true friend knows your a good egg even if you're half cracked." ~Unknown

XOXO, Rosie

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