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Friday, March 16, 2012

Rain, Rain GO AWAY!

Finally, Friday! So funny how excited we get every week for this beloved day. Our warm weather has already faded, and it's a little chilly today. I went from Rainbow sandals two days ago to Ugg boots today. Anyone else see what's wrong with the picture here? St. Patty's day is tomorrow (woohoo!) and it's raining. This just is not the ideal scenario to celebrate the luck of the Irish, so hopefully the rain lets up a little bit so that the festivities tomorrow can go on. I'll do a St. Patty's post soon also, probably by the end of the day since I got a question about what happens for the day here.

First order of business - I have 13 lovely followers now. You guys are the best! It's the quality not the quantity and I think that you ladies are just fabulous. I love all of you blogfriends dearly and am so glad I found this fun site to do, so thank you!

Second order of business - rainy day outfits. I do rainy day outfits in two ways, both of which I've organized in a nice little (thank you Polyvore) chart for you to check out.

1. So this is my go-to rainy day outfit. Yes I know, it's ultra boring but somedays (for me at least) when I wake up and look out the window to see rain I just have zero motivation to get dressed. Summed up, if it's rain city out there I'll go straight to a pair of black leggings, my handy North Face raincoat, my North Face backpack, some Nike sneakers, and of course...my trusty Bobble. P.S. people, invest in a bobble. They are under $20 and you just have to get replacement filters every 300 uses or something (aka not that often). It's like having a Britta filter at your fingertips to make sure you're getting the best water for your body.

2. If I'm feeling adventurous and willing to get dressed despite the depressing weather, I like to wear brighter colors to make the day a little more colorful and easier to get through. Here's an example of an outfit I'd wear if I got dressed for the rain. Cute rain coat, cute umbrella are always a must. I find myself wearing a lot of stripes in the rain...maybe because of the nautical theme, who knows. I like to wear bright jeans or leggings in the rain just to add a pop of color to my world, and of course...the trusty rainboots. I love any bright colored Hunter boots, especially the Tiffany blue ones. My rainboots right now are red ones from Henri Bendel in NYC. And of course, trust moisture surge lotion. Literally, this could save a life.

How about you guys? What do you feel like in the rain?

XOXO, Rosie

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