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Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Spring Break

Hey there,

Finally, my big post! Like you guys know I didn't have the "spring break" trip this year that most kids have. I decided to just come back home and soak up all that at-home goodness. I am sure glad I did too, I wouldn't have traded this week for anything. Living in D.C. is absolutely awesome. It's the perfectly sized city, but so many people who live here overlook all the great stuff there is to do...and that is a huge shame. I took it upon myself this spring break to explore all the goodness that this charming city has to offer. It was a lot of walking, but it's safe to say I definitely conquered the city (again) and I loved every minute of it.
Kyle and I went to all the museums downtown. A lot of locals don't really go downtown to the museums, because they like to believe that it's "tourist infested" down there. By the way, if you want to visit D.C. don't be discouraged by grumpy anti-tourism folks, there is enough room in this paradise of a city for all of us! We went to the usual museums including one of Kyle's favorites (The Natural History Museum) and then my favorite (The Hirshhorn Gallery). Both were amazing. The Hirshhorn had this great exhibit about sensory art which was so cool. Imagine neon lights and mirrors...on steroids. It was so cool. I can't even describe it, it truly is something you have to "sense" for yourself. The exhibit was called "Suprasensorial" and will be running until May 13. I highly highly highly recommend you check it out if at all possible, or at least look at the website I pasted below to get a better idea for it!!

We went to a key landmark in D.C. also, called Ben's Chili Bowl. Best hot dogs you'll ever eat, and that is a guarantee my friend. Best chili dogs too, and best chili fries for that matter. This place isn't for the dieters and those with the weak stomachs. My advice if you make it here? Go big or go home. Neat fact about the place? Bill Cosby & President Obama are huge fans, so much so that they eat free for life there. Kyle had never been before so he was very excited about it, and he didn't leave a bite in the basket.

Kyle's dad got us and our two friends from high school (Charles & Jeff) box seats to a Washington Wizards game. It was a lot of fun, and so cool to catch up with Charles. He's down at school in South Carolina and I miss him a lot. He was always a good bud in high school. Luckily Kyle, Jeff, and I all go to school together still so there's not a lot of "missing" between us. The game was pretty fun but I think the majority of it we spent just hanging out instead of watching the game. Maybe it's our fault the Wizards lost in the last two seconds.

And there was a proposal on the jumbo-tron at the game...so cute! They both looked so nervous when the camera was on them - the girl had no idea what was going on which made it both funny and cute too. Glad I had my camera on hand for it too, too bad I can't send it to them! Oh well, I'm sure the Verizon Center will give them a whole video of it.

It was also Kyle's birthday! Very exciting. The day ended up being a little tumultuous to say the least, but at the end of the day everyone was happy and Kyle had a great birthday. His mom cooked us all a really good dinner, and his grandparents were there too. They're the best. I always miss my grandparents though when I see his - times like these I wish I lived closer to my nana. I ended up getting him a plethora of gifts, mostly clothes from Vineyard Vines but I threw in some cheeseball stuff too like a personalized "Kyle" puzzle I found at the Christmas Tree Shop and his favorite chicken seasoning that only my mom and I know where to find. I also made him my first ever (and not last!) candy card - those things are a lot more work than you would imagine. Eeek! I also found adorable little candles to spell out Kyle - they were sparkly and I'm pretty sure I liked them more than he did. Guess it's a girl thing.

We also had a little belated birthday dinner for Kyle at my house, just my parents and the two of us. My mom cooked and it was delicious as usual. I swear I've never seen that boys face turn so red as when we sung him happy birthday. He's so funny, he hates to be the center of attention in little groups like that. He was a good sport though and the cake we picked out was so good. High five to Whole Foods bakery section.

We went to Old Town one day which is over in Alexandria. It ended up being rainy, and half the fun of Old Town is walking around the old cobblestone streets and heading down to the waterfront. That turned into just a drive around Old Town, but it was still fun. The houses there are stunning. They have such old architecture and are just so classic looking. A lot of them were built in the 1800's and have kept their original design which makes them amazing. Again - no pictures really do the place justice (at all...Google images is failing me right now)...guess it's another place you should check out sometime! Fun fact - the high school in Old Town is T.C. Williams...the one "Remember the Titans" was based on!

Kyle took me to the driving range one day, which ended up being practice for when we went with our friend Jeff to a real big-boy golf course. Needless to say, I'm awful at golf. I usually pick up sports fairly quickly and am decent at most, but golf is another story. Between dinky little hits (swings?) and scratching the clubs on the ground, I came to terms with the fact that I am not a natural nor will I ever be with golfing. Kyle and Jeff had a lot of fun playing - they aren't exactly Tiger Woods themselves but it's all for fun yes? I was caddy for the day (aka driving the golf cart and washing the balls) as I froze my butt off. It was a fun day though! More so fun for me because I got to get dressed up in golf attire, which translates to Nantucket Red's for me.

My mom took me on a shopping spree (yessss) and I definitely lucked out. I scored some great new stuff that I can't wait to wear. I got a Michael Kors bag that is the newest addition to my closet! It's black, classic, and I can't wait to use it. Here's another shirt I got too, which I also can't wait to wear in the sun with a nice pair of white skinnies. I love shopping trips with my mom, she really knows how to spoil me and I swear I don't deserve how well she treats me. I must say I had more fun hanging with her than I did actually shopping. Sometimes you just need some mommy time.

My parents and I also went to early voting over break. We're a pretty big politico family and take this stuff seriously! My dad is the big politics man in the family and makes sure that we're all informed and ready to go. It was kind of nice getting my first "I voted" sticker, especially since I was with my parents for it. This will be a memory I definitely won't forget. By the way, how high tech are voting stations now? Jeeze, I remember going to vote with my parents when I was little and watching them use pencils. Times are a-changing!

My last day was bittersweet of course. Actually, more bitter than sweet. I didn't want to go back to school at all, but I guess education was calling and it was time for break to be over. I spent my last day going to church with my parents and then just packing up my bags to head back on up to school. Breaks are too short, but thankfully I had a very happy, fun, and relaxing spring break which just means that summer break will be packing extra heat this year!!!

Speaking of summer, my internship is officially confirmed (twice confirmed actually now...I'm too persistent) and I'll be working at a local law firm. A divorce firm - and I couldn't be happier. Hopefully I learn a lot (and get a new working girl wardrobe) and play the Elle Woods part to the best of my ability. Except I'll be legally brunette.
Hope you guys all had an awesome week too, and hope this week holds some good weather in store for all of us!

XOXO, Rosie

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pajama Party

Hi hi,

Okay, since I can't fall asleep I figure I'll take another path and talk about pajamas - all in hopes that talking about some pajamas will make me want to fall asleep. Wishful thinking yes, here's hoping it works.

Pajamas don't get enough attention. I think it's a shame too, especially when there are so many cute and super comfy choices out there. Sleep is sacred, and sometimes we take it too much for granted. Sleep is the best - you need it to function, to have good skin, and basically to just not turn into a devil. I like to think of sleep as really "me" time. It doesn't need to be about just hopping into bed and zonking out - it can be about taking care of yourself and pampering yourself before bed. Obviously not every night, but once in awhile it can be amazing to lotion up your legs and arms, get in nice pajamas, and even sleep in those smoothing gloves for your hands. But key point -- pajamas.

I'm sure a lot of us all just get into boxers and an old t-shirt which is awesome, but there are still so many other choices that we should have at least one of. Just to make sleep a little luxurious some nights!

Sleepshirts are the best...and VS makes them so soft

Every girl needs satin pajamas...it's a fact

Every girl also needs a cute cotton PJ set

And a robe for the morning, especially one this soft!

My favorite...VS sleepshorts. Soft, stretchy, amazing

A cute nightie can do you no harm
When all else fails...but be careful with it! Powerful stuff

Brookstone nap eye mask...it may look over the top but this thing does wonders

PLEASE try these! Lotion up your hands and stick em in these babies...fall asleep and wake up with new hands. Guaranteed!

Pajamas are too overlooked, so I hope everyone invests in a super cute pair that will make sleeping even more wonderful than it already is. Good night!

XOXO, Rosie

Target Thursday

Hey guys!

Happy Thursday & I hope you're all getting your own tastes of warm weather! So many stores (all of them) are flooded now with spring and summer clothes. From bikinis to wedges to sundresses, it's pretty hard to say no to the display of colors and cute designs. But it's such a wallet drain after awhile and sadly we can't all afford to shop on shop on shop. Have no fear, Target is here!

Maybe Target feels bad that there's so much cute stuff to buy and not endless cash to buy it, so they made a buy one get one half off deal on shoes and purses! Also, if you spend $50 (easy to do) you can save 10% on your dresses. It's not perfect but hey, a little discount can go a long way if you know how to play your cards right.

Admittedly I'm not a huge Target clothing shopper - I more so go there when I'm looking for something specific. However, I'm noticing more and more that Target is on the up in terms of cuteness and comfort. Definitely worth checking out before you leave the mall at least, there is always at least one thing that can catch your eye and is guaranteed to be there for you at a better price. My sort of rule of thumb for me personally with Target shopping is to get basics there and leave the more intricate pieces to your other favorite stores and boutiques.

Here are just a few little nifties I think would be a good buy from Target this week.

Why not look like a million bucks in the rain?
A girl can never have too many woven scarves
Perfect maxi dress...light and comfy
Because navy isn't enough...and for love to fans of the Vols!
Because every girl should have a neutral wedge
Because one pair of wedges needs another with stripes!
Perfect summer work dress, light but cute

Because jean cut-offs beg for printed wedges in the summertime

So there's just a few ideas of what Target can offer for a super good price. Like I said, Target for the basics can be wonderful if you go in knowing what you're looking for. Now is a good time to start too because they are deal city over there right now.

XOXO, Rosie

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Slow Down, Week!

Hey guys!

Why is that when you're having a terrible week, the whole week goes by so slow? Likewise, why when you're having an amazing one does it fly by? My spring break has been nothing short of spectacular. I'm planning a big post for Sunday showing everything that I've done while home. While I may not be sipping away at a Mai-Tai on a beautiful, sunny coastal beach, I believe I'm having the classic spring break by being home. Classic always wins out in the end too ;) For my hump day post I decided to show a few of my favorite websites (the non-mainstream ones), the ones that are always there when the rest of the internet seems boring! Pinterest not included because we all know thats #1. These sites won't sharpen you intellectually, but we all have those days when we want to be lazy on the internet and these are just some I've found.

1. If You Watch It Backwards This is a tumblr site, but it's one I found so randomly, randomly enough that I don't remember how! It always has something on it that's funny or just plain interesting. Whoever operates the tumblr does a great job with this site. You're guaranteed to find something that will make you laugh or put you in awe. It's just a cool site to check out once in awhile. It's either a hit or miss with some of the pictures, but the nonetheless on a good day it can be a fun site.
This was one of their pictures in a section called "Fashion of the Congo"

2.What My Friends Think I Do This site kind of collects those pictures that have been floating around Facebook. Again, it's a hit or miss. Some of them are hysterical and others I just don't have enough knowledge about what they're saying to understand. I like it because sometimes, if you find a picture that hits home with you or a friend, they can brighten your whole day.
You can expect to find pictures like these, they're humorous!

3. Post Secret I hope you all are familiar with the Post Secret project series! If not, you are missing out my friends. Summed up - Post Secret is an idea thought up by this guy. You send a homemade post card and write a secret on it of yours. Then he picks the craziest ones, the most beautiful ones, and the ones that just make you think and publishes them in a book. It is 100% anonymous and SO much fun to read and to know there are people out there who are really human. A lot can be sad and really make you reflect. It's a nice little collection, and awesome to see that people think the same way about a lot. People send in the secrets that they could never say out loud. I'm obsessed with Post Secret - I own the books he's published with them, but if you just want a taste before you commit to the book here's their site.

4. Free Samples. I consider myself generous to share this last website!! I haven't told anybody about it, and I've been keeping it as my little secret. How stupid I would feel if everyone else knew about it already, and I'm just late to the party. Basically, everyday this website finds a free sample of something. Yes, everyday you get a free goodie. Downside is for most you have to wait 4-6 weeks in the mails to get it, but just last week I got a 7 day sample of Lancome Genifique. Not too shabby.

That's about it for Wednesday. Hope everyone is having a healthy and happy week and is looking forward to the weekend as much as I am.

XOXO, Rosie

Saturday, March 24, 2012

{Two} of My Best Buds

Hey guys!

Best friends are the best. Ha! But really, they are. I think it's important to have a few very best friends. They can all be "best" at one thing in particular - whether they're your best friend at making you laugh, your best friend at listening to your problems, or your best friend to goof off with. You can have best friends at everything, and I consider myself very lucky to have the people that I do in my life.

I've always been a huge believer in the statement that it's better to have a few very, very good friends instead of many acquaintances. Some people like to have a huge group of not-s0-good friends, but to me it's better to have the few and the fabulous. It's the quality not the quantity that counts when it comes to friendships right?

In one of my first posts I talked about how Kyle is my best friend - and he is! He's there for everything and I love him for it. We have the most fun together. However, this post isn't about Kyle...it's about the wonderful girls in my life! I'm leaving out a few :( but these are just the two that are there for me always.

1. My sister, Lucy. We're five years (almost five) apart but that doesn't stop us - we're the best of friends. Having a sister is the biggest blessing. It's like being born into having a girlfriend that will always have your back no matter what. It's having a girlfriend who will always stand up for you and protect you and make sure you're happy. Sure we had our fights, and our tattle wars, and our "don't wear my clothes" wars, but we still had a great time all the time. She's like a walking inside joke - half the things I see everyday can be traced back to some joke we have that only she knows, and I love having that bond with someone. I couldn't ask for a better big sister. She's always there for me and I try to be as good to her as she is to me. She's the craziest, most confident and most wonderful girl ever. She's the only girl I know that doesn't need makeup and looks even more beautiful without any on. She's spunky and is the definition of "being yourself." Maybe that's why it's been so easy for me to be myself! Every girl with a sister is truly, truly blessed. It's a lifelong friend. The craziest part for us? We are both adopted, so it's fate that we ended up being sisters. God knew we were supposed to find each other and be together forever...so here we are!
{Us as littles}
{Just the two of us}
{Nothing but love}

2. My high school girl, Francesca. Every girl in high school dealt with some shall we say, turbulence? when it came to friendships. There were rumors, fights - well, we've all seen Mean Girls and lived through it so you know what I'm talking about. Francesca and I actually didn't become friends until our senior year. It was weird - we had the same mutual friends but for some reason just never linked up with one another. Senior year though our boyfriends were best friends, so it was only natural that we became close too - and we did! We had the most fun doing nothing, and we had our little tradition of getting frozen yogurt before the boys baseball games. From our lunch table, to prom, to graduation, we survived senior year together and had a pretty perfect year - the best that anyone could ask for. I don't know what I'd do if we hadn't become friends, and I don't want to. Francesca is the type of friend that I can not talk to for months at a time, then when we pick up again it feels like just yesterday...like no time has passed. Those are the best of friends - the ones that you can be apart from for months but see each other and have nothing have changed.
{Through everything we go!}
{Always there}

Well I tried to keep it as short as possible, but that's just a little taste into my love for my two best girlfriends.

"A true friend knows your a good egg even if you're half cracked." ~Unknown

XOXO, Rosie

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sunshine Award ☀

Hi guys!

Kelsey over at Just Another Blonde Princess tagged me for the Sunshine Award, so now that I'm on spring break I have time to answer the questions and then pass it onto five other blogger friends, yippie!

Favorite color? This is an impossible question, how can you have just one? I'd say my all time favorite, favorite colors would be red and purple. Close seconds are pink and white though. And grey and yellow! Told you, I can't pick just one. Non-negotiable favorites are red and purple though.

Favorite number? Easy, 2. It was my first soccer number ever since I was three and I just love the number 2. Can't explain it - then again we all have our crazy number we obsess over right?

Favorite non-alcoholic drink? This sounds so lame of me, but water. I love everything about water especially when it's chock full of ice cubes. With lemon!

Facebook or Twitter? Hard to say. I couldn't really imagine not having either which is why I can't pick. Facebook I love because of the pictures, but Twitter I like because it's so quick and easy. Tie?

My passion? Cooking, baking, and writing. I love cooking because I think it's so cool to take a bunch of ingredients and combine them to make something delicious. I love baking because I am the queen of the sweet tooth. Plus, it's so fun to share baked goods - they are the universal cure all.

Favorite Animal? Dogs and monkeys! Anyone seen the preview for Disney's Chimpanzee with Oscar?! I'm in love he is adorable. I want a dog and a monkey. Both of my puppies died last year and I miss them everyday. They were perfection. Crazy how dogs become family.

Giving or Getting Presents? Both! Which makes Christmas the perfect holiday because there's a little of each. I like getting presents for myself, but I get nervous getting them. No clue why, I just get anxious opening them. I do love surprising people though and seeing the looks on their faces if I did a good job. So overall...I probably like giving more.
Favorite Pattern? Chevron. Or stripes.

Favorite Flower? My name makes me bias to roses...but I also love a mix of tulips and peonies! Calla lillies are a beauty as well. But roses, tulips, and peonies definitely win me over.

Now that I had my turn, I tag the following five:

Jordan Linna @ Dragonfly Tales

Get your sunshine going!

XOXO, Rosie