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Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patty's Preview

As promised, my St. Patricks day preview! I figure I won't have time to post tomorrow, so this is ambitious of me to have two posts in one day...bear with me! I love, love, love holidays. I don't care what the holiday is, I just love a reason to celebrate and drink/eat/look festive. St. Patty's day is no exception! I even changed my font GREEN for the post! Here's what I'm doing and thinking of doing for the green day.

1. Irish soda bread. Simple and classic, and effortlessly tasty. Smother on a nice homemade honey butter and you have a delicious little treat for yourself and friends. It's the best. Don't be fooled either, store brands of Irish soda bread don't live up to the real homemade deal. It's like a biscuit taste wise, depending on what you add in. I prefer it plain with a jazzed up butter.

2. I love anything macaroon related. I just love them. These I made earlier in the year (except as Pumpkins for Halloween). I followed a similar recipe to this one, but these are more shamrock specific for you. Very, very tasty but make sure you have the patience and the time to prepare there. The chocolate ganache is delicious with them. My rule of thumb with these personally is that they are a bit hard to master, as are all macaroons, so consider yourself forewarned before beginning your baking endeavor. I hate to say they are for more experienced bakers because I'm NOT experienced and I think that sounds pretentious, but in this case these are a bit of a challenge. How cute are they though?

3. So adorable. I had these in elementary school actually when I was little. Someones mom brought them in and they just made me so excited for St. Patricks day. Lord knows how excited I was to find them again on the internet! These can be made with any cupcake mix, flavor doesn't matter at all. Really the best part about them is the Lucky Charms on top of the cupcake. They are huge crowd pleasers believe me. My 7 year old self still loves these. If you're trying to make them even more festive, try a green velvet cupcake!

4. My favorite! Green pancakes. Oh my goodness I don't know where to begin. Nothing gets you more excited for a holiday than a THEMED breakfast. These give me chills I love them so much. All you have to do is add green food coloring. Easy, adorable...and if you make them for a boyfriend, for a friend, for a kid...you will be number one in their book.

5. This is really only applicable I think if you're going to some sort of day party, night party, or any kind of St. Patty's parade or party of some sort. It's over the top I'd say for a day look just going to the super market, but hey it's a holiday so you could get away with more than you think! I think it's cute - a little too much glitter but I love the idea and the spirit of it.

6. Last, but certainly not least. Probably should have put it first because it's my favorite part...but I wanted to save the surprise for last. Dun dun dun...green beer! If you don't like green beer on St. Patty's day you are looney, and you deserve a million pinches! People think it's so difficult to make - but funny thing is it's the easiest thing to do possibly ever. Pick your favorite (light ale) beer. Basically pick the lightest color beer you can, AKA stay away from the Guinness family. Put some green food coloring in, stir stir stir. WAHLA! Green beer. Beautiful, same taste, 10 times more fun.

Have a great St. Patty's day and an even better weekend. Hopefully my post inspired you to get a little green yourself. It's one day a year, show the Irish some love!

XOXO, Rosie


  1. I just found your cute blog...I love those cupcakes and pancakes!!

  2. Those pancakes look so yummy! Hope you had a wonderful St. Patty's Day!


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