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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pajama Party

Hi hi,

Okay, since I can't fall asleep I figure I'll take another path and talk about pajamas - all in hopes that talking about some pajamas will make me want to fall asleep. Wishful thinking yes, here's hoping it works.

Pajamas don't get enough attention. I think it's a shame too, especially when there are so many cute and super comfy choices out there. Sleep is sacred, and sometimes we take it too much for granted. Sleep is the best - you need it to function, to have good skin, and basically to just not turn into a devil. I like to think of sleep as really "me" time. It doesn't need to be about just hopping into bed and zonking out - it can be about taking care of yourself and pampering yourself before bed. Obviously not every night, but once in awhile it can be amazing to lotion up your legs and arms, get in nice pajamas, and even sleep in those smoothing gloves for your hands. But key point -- pajamas.

I'm sure a lot of us all just get into boxers and an old t-shirt which is awesome, but there are still so many other choices that we should have at least one of. Just to make sleep a little luxurious some nights!

Sleepshirts are the best...and VS makes them so soft

Every girl needs satin pajamas...it's a fact

Every girl also needs a cute cotton PJ set

And a robe for the morning, especially one this soft!

My favorite...VS sleepshorts. Soft, stretchy, amazing

A cute nightie can do you no harm
When all else fails...but be careful with it! Powerful stuff

Brookstone nap eye mask...it may look over the top but this thing does wonders

PLEASE try these! Lotion up your hands and stick em in these babies...fall asleep and wake up with new hands. Guaranteed!

Pajamas are too overlooked, so I hope everyone invests in a super cute pair that will make sleeping even more wonderful than it already is. Good night!

XOXO, Rosie

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  1. Haha I was just thinking the same thing the other day about pajamas...half of mine are just random and don't match and the other day I finally ordered some cute ones just because :) I hope you fall asleep easier tonight!!


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