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I'm an east coast girl making my way through life. I have a love for cooking, fitness, and really anything that can bring me happiness. Living my life for the next day and on a search for whatever my happily ever after may be. Life's too short to be unhappy right? If you navigated your way here, stay awhile! Have a nice day!
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Sunshine Award ☀

Hi guys!

Kelsey over at Just Another Blonde Princess tagged me for the Sunshine Award, so now that I'm on spring break I have time to answer the questions and then pass it onto five other blogger friends, yippie!

Favorite color? This is an impossible question, how can you have just one? I'd say my all time favorite, favorite colors would be red and purple. Close seconds are pink and white though. And grey and yellow! Told you, I can't pick just one. Non-negotiable favorites are red and purple though.

Favorite number? Easy, 2. It was my first soccer number ever since I was three and I just love the number 2. Can't explain it - then again we all have our crazy number we obsess over right?

Favorite non-alcoholic drink? This sounds so lame of me, but water. I love everything about water especially when it's chock full of ice cubes. With lemon!

Facebook or Twitter? Hard to say. I couldn't really imagine not having either which is why I can't pick. Facebook I love because of the pictures, but Twitter I like because it's so quick and easy. Tie?

My passion? Cooking, baking, and writing. I love cooking because I think it's so cool to take a bunch of ingredients and combine them to make something delicious. I love baking because I am the queen of the sweet tooth. Plus, it's so fun to share baked goods - they are the universal cure all.

Favorite Animal? Dogs and monkeys! Anyone seen the preview for Disney's Chimpanzee with Oscar?! I'm in love he is adorable. I want a dog and a monkey. Both of my puppies died last year and I miss them everyday. They were perfection. Crazy how dogs become family.

Giving or Getting Presents? Both! Which makes Christmas the perfect holiday because there's a little of each. I like getting presents for myself, but I get nervous getting them. No clue why, I just get anxious opening them. I do love surprising people though and seeing the looks on their faces if I did a good job. So overall...I probably like giving more.
Favorite Pattern? Chevron. Or stripes.

Favorite Flower? My name makes me bias to roses...but I also love a mix of tulips and peonies! Calla lillies are a beauty as well. But roses, tulips, and peonies definitely win me over.

Now that I had my turn, I tag the following five:

Jordan Linna @ Dragonfly Tales

Get your sunshine going!

XOXO, Rosie

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  1. Purple is my fave color too :) And I agree with cooking, baking, and writing, they are some of my favorite things :)


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