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I'm an east coast girl making my way through life. I have a love for cooking, fitness, and really anything that can bring me happiness. Living my life for the next day and on a search for whatever my happily ever after may be. Life's too short to be unhappy right? If you navigated your way here, stay awhile! Have a nice day!
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 5

Here's my part two for the thankfulness journey...by the way happy Monday and hope everybody had a safe and fun weekend! I know I sure did.

I'm thankful for education. I'm thankful that I have gone through years of schooling, and am still currently in school. I'm thankful for the buildings I've learned in and the teachers who have taught me. Education really is so important. I'm a firm believer that you learn 50-50: half from textbook and the other half from real experience. I think they play so well off of each other, to read about something and then see it happen for your own eyes. It seems like that is the total learning experience. Think about all the people in the world who will never step foot in a classroom. Think about all the people in the world who will never learn to read, write, or even speak properly. As much as we sigh and whine about going to classes, it's a huge blessing that we even have the opportunity to be in those classes. Education can get you anywhere: I know that's such a cliche statement but really the more you know, the more places you will go (as Dr. Seuss told us). I'm thankful that I can learn, that I have learned, and that I have so much more to learn about. I'm thankful that can I write about whatever I want whenever I want, and that I can read other people's words. Words are the most powerful thing I think - because they can invoke feelings you never even knew you had. To be honest, what I love most about education is that you and me could read the exact same book,  but both take entirely different meanings and lessons from it. It's so subjective, and amazing that it just allows you to think what you want. Education allows you to interpret things for yourself and develop yourself accordingly. That's pretty amazing when you think about it. The next time you sigh about going to work or to class (we all do it...) just remind yourself what a blessing it is that you have that opportunity, and that you got that opportunity from hard work and a good education.

Day 4

....And I'm still chugging away with the thankfulness!!! Today is a two-day post since apparently this one got drafted instead of posted. 

I'm thankful for the ability to dream. This sounds weird, but hear me out. When we were little people always told us that we could go anywhere in life and be whoever we wanted to be. As times get older, people get smarter, and competitions arises, it seems as though your options to be who you wanted to be are limited. I think it's sad - people tell you your whole childhood to dream and set goals, but then once you're of a certain age people expect you to forget your dreams and join the real world and check into reality. For me, I'm still a dreamer. I have high expectations set for myself and my life and I won't stop until I'm utterly blissful and satisfied with my life. To dream is a wonderful thing. Think of all the little kids in third world countries who don't get the same opportunities to dream as we do, because they have to deal with survival before they even turn five. I think it's important to be thankful that we can dream and that our dreams can actually come true. We live in a place where basically if we want something bad enough and work hard enough for it, we can get it. To be able to achieve your goals and dreams is amazing. So many people will never get the chance to even come close to dreaming, and the fact that we can dream a new dream everyday is pretty great. We really are blessed with opportunities and I think we need to acknowledge that more. We can be anyone we choose to be, and I'm thankful for that. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 3

Day 3...look at me go! I honestly thought I would have taken the lazy way out of this by now but writing about something I'm thankful for each day is actually really refreshing. It puts things in a new perspective I'd say.

Something I'm thankful for is my health. I feel like when you're well and have no sickness or injury you completely take your health for granted. I know that I do. But when you think about it, there are so many people in the world that aren't healthy mentally or physically, and that is very limiting for them. For me, I have no sickness or disability that restricts me from anything. A lot of times I just ignore that I'm lucky for that - but imagine if you couldn't walk or couldn't see, or even if you couldn't really think all too well? It's scary, and it's unfortunate that no one really is thankful for their health until it's too late. For me I don't want to wait until it's too late. I don't want to take my health for granted and then one day be hit with a debilitating sickness. I'm so thankful that I was born healthy and have grown up healthy, only suffering a few injuries and quick sicknesses. I'm thankful that if I want to walk outside on a sunny day I can, and I'm thankful that I can see everything outside and really capture everything in it's natural greatness. I'm thankful that I can breathe on my own, that I can exercise healthily and happily, and that I don't have any problem with my health to worry about everyday. I really do salute people that have a health issue that causes them to miss out on things and that also restricts them from doing certain things. I think those people are so brave that they have become mentally tough enough to endure anything - maybe that's why they are the way they are...because God knew that they had the strength to handle it. Health is something so overlooked and I truly am thankful that I'm healthy and happy, and I hope all of you guys start to value your health more (first step is quitting the tanning beds!) Don't wait until it's too late to value your health - every little step counts along the way.  

{This is a picture of my friend Ali and I jousting at a carnival}
[I'm thankful I was able to participate and have fun, and that I could balance up there too!]

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 2

I made it to day 2 of what I'm thankful for, yippie! By the way, is anyone else's weather being totally bipolar right now? I swear, we had 70 degree weather yesterday and today its 55-ish and rainy. Do I hang all the sundresses up or only a few...make up your mind dumb sun.

I'm thankful for my boyfriend Kyle. We've been together about three years and I swear they've been the best years ever. He means more to me than anyone and I really consider him a part of my family. Kyle is the absolutely best. He's funny, caring, kind, competitive, laid-back, and just all around the best guy you could meet. Anyone he meets he brings a little sunshine into their lives. Pretty big quality to be able to be compared to sunshine big guy! He's been there for me through everything: through the good, the bad, the ugly, the funny, the ridiculous, the annoying, the dumb - anything. He's always been there for me and he's the first person in my life who isn't part of my family who has been there for me no matter what. I love him for that and appreciate it probably way more than he will ever know. He's a big sweetie, that's what he really is. He makes everything more fun, and makes everything bad better. He puts up with my shenanigans too, and for that this boy deserves a gold medal. He knows how to handle literally any situation. I swear you could put him in a hole with a grenade and he would somehow turn it into something good. Maybe it's because he's so relaxed, or maybe it's because he's so smart - but either way he is the most dependable person to have around when times get tough. A funny thing about him? He hates being called cute, even though that's exactly what he is. I guess he prefers to be "hot" and all "rugged manly man" but either way he's just a good guy at the end of the day. He knows how to talk to me and to make me happy, and he always knows when something is wrong. Very perceptive I must say. He can put a smile on my face and give me goosebumps with a hug, and if that's not love then I just don't know what is. We've made it through college so far together, despite what everyone says about high school romance going to the big leagues. I say we're in it to win it! High school relationships get such a bad rap, but sometimes they can be the perfect thing. After all, what's more romantic then two people who have been together since the high school days right! Kyle and I have a pretty cute story too, which makes me love him that much more. Things just fell right into place with us. I like to believe destiny had a hand in all this as well because I was at the same school from pre-K to 9th grade and then I just up and decided I wanted to transfer. Destiny right? I wasn't supposed to leave my school, but I did, and I ended up at Kyle's - which obviously then turned into me being with Kyle. Better than my boyfriend, he's my best friend in the entire world. He knows everything about me, even the bad things, and loves me anyways. He's my junk food and giggle buddy and roller coaster partner and he's my absolute best friend. Hopefully we have many many more years together. I don't usually through around the "p" word...but Kyle really is perfect. And I'm a very lucky gal to be dating him and to have him in my life. So that's something huge that I'm thankful for each and everyday. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Taking a Turn

Hey there -

I've been MIA and a half recently. Not so sure why, but I guess blogging has not exactly been on my mind. Maybe because I don't understand the new updated format of it? But but but - I have still been reading all of your blogs and still love to do that. You guys are an interesting bunch and always have something smart, funny, or interesting to say.

I decided I'm going to try something new with the blog. I'm going to stray away from fashion and makeup and yadda yadda for awhile because I found something that I really want to do. It's called "What I'm thankful for" and everyday for 30 days you write about something - anything - that you're thankful for. We live in such a busy world where people ignore some of the smallest and most beautiful things out there, so hopefully by doing this it will be a nice way to decompress and really make sure I'm enjoying and celebrating all of the great things in life.

Even if you guys don't choose to do a 30 day one, at least try to think of something everyday that you are thankful for. Think of it this way - if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today, what would you have?

So - here's hoping I can be loyal to these 30 days and really get everything in there. I'll try my hardest not to skip a day, but you know how things are :)

DAY 1: 
            I'm thankful for my family. For my wonderful parents and my sister who to me is a piece of perfection. We're just a small family of four but the way we all mesh together makes it just wonderful having them. They've seen me through the best of times and the worst of times, and even through my worst decisions and biggest mistakes they continue to see the best in me. It's a really special thing to have people who will be there for you no matter what. To have people who will always believe the best about you and will always believe that you can succeed no matter what you do. Usually these days it's all about people trying to get ahead of others and push others down, so to have a support system where you can turn into an ugly monster one day and have them still think the sun shines out of your ass - that's pretty perfect. So many times in life we forget to be thankful for our families. We assume that they are just a given, and that they'll always be there no matter what. There's no certainties in life though, as much as we're convinced there are. So many people aren't blessed with families that care and love them. So many people come from broken homes and tragic stories. For me, I have a pretty perfect family. I have three people who think that I'm just great - even though I don't believe that all the time about myself. I'm thankful that I have people like that in my life, who believe in me when I don't believe in myself. It's a really nice thing to have and a lot of us overlook that on a daily basis. Everyone needs to remember every single day to talk to their family. Whether it's face to face, over the phone, an email, or even a text - just let them know you love them. You only get one family in your life and you need to love them with all your might and make the best of your wonderful blessing. 


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hump Day

Hey there,

I don't know about you but I absolutely cannot wait for this week to be over. I'm not quite sure why, but the days keep getting longer and more boring. Guess it's time to switch things up huh? Side note...I'm pretty pissed that it's April 11 and 50 degrees out. I bought more sundresses for a reason, but now I've found myself back in Ugg's! Come on, Al Gore...you said there was global warming. Liar.

I've started to work out more for the summertime and I've found a pretty good way to keep track of progress. Basically it's just taking a picture in a sports bra and shorts and labeling them by day, just so I can watch myself progress. It isn't vain either I swear, it's just the only motivation there is to keep going! I'm definitely 100% breaking every rule that's ever been published about loving your body and being comfortable, because I put these pictures in a file on my desktop called "EW YOU'RE FAT." I should probably switch that title I was just in a rush when I made it, but it makes me laugh when I see it. Also side note...everybody should love their body and feel good about themselves! And if you don't feel good - self-improvement!
{I know that picture is terrible, but it made me laugh!}

I was eating some strawberries in bed before class today watching "The Today Show." I don't know why but when they went to commercial break they were advertising for a show the following morning. They said "Tomorrow on Today" and I just lost it. It's probably not funny to anyone else, and I don't even know why it was funny. Maybe because they said it really fast? Or because it's an oxymoron?

Last but not least, I must say even though I only have 16 followers I love my 16! Quality not quantity, correct? And let me say, I have the top quality with you bunch. Something I added to my bucket-list also is to meet some blogger friends before I die. I realize the idea of meeting someone from the internet is a terrible and frowned upon thing, but some of you guys just seem to be carbon-copies and soul sisters of mine. Hopefully one day some of us can meet or bump into each other, I think it'd be cool! Until then...there's always Facebook to make us friends, so feel free to friend!
Now that you all probably think I'm either A) weird B) creepy or C) all of the above...woops.

Happy Hump-Day!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday...No Bueno

Hey there,

I'll skip the niceties about how much we all hate Monday's. Today is sucking more than usual for me. It started out with a nice fight with the boyfriend about some big-legged girl we disagree on. He sees a nice friend from home, but I see a girl who gives me dirty looks and chooses to ignore my existence. Guys are so naive to the meanness of girls. They have no idea how dirty girls can play when they put their minds to it. So I'll take the mature road and just hold a grudge against her and think mean things about her when I see her! Just kidding, or am I? I'm not one to advocate being mean but this girl deserves a boot up her butt. Oh well...invictus maneo right? (Totally had a geeked out Latin moment there...woops). It means "I remain unvanquished," an important saying to remind yourself of more often! Nothing can truly, truly conquer or ruin us in this life...so why let it? Agreed? Good!

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. Sadly I spent mine at school working, happens to the best of us right? Luckily though Kyle was here too so we kept each other company and had a really great Easter dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. I'd say nicer things about it, but I'm simply too grumpy right now. This was my favorite picture we took though, it just sums us up so perfectly. Weird how pictures have that power right?
Here's something that made me laugh today. It's just a collection of funny Easter bunny pictures. We've all seen the kid on the laps of the mall bunny who is crying hysterical and is absolutely terrified. This site captured the best moments, and they are all pretty priceless.

Hope your Monday fares better than mine.

XOXO, Rosie

Thursday, April 5, 2012

T.V. Shows

Hey there,

This is like the latest I've ever posted on a blog...oh well! This is just a summary of my favorite T.V. shows. Nighttime ones. See, I like to have one for every night of the week. Just so that there's always something to look forward too! I think that's ok right? To have something small to look forward to each day? We all deserve that. YOLO! Just kidding...I absolutely HATE HATE HATE the phrase YOLO, and I hate Drake right now for even making it popular. Anyways - here is my T.V. schedule. Obviously I'm super bored since I'm writing about this...oops!

Monday Nights
- Gossip Girl (CW, 8pm)
- Hart of Dixie (CW, 9pm)
- The Voice (NBC, 8pm)
- Pawn Stars (History, 10pm)
.....HATE HATE HATE the time overlap
Tuesday Nights
- New Girl (FOX, 9pm)
- The Voice (NBC, 9pm)
.....HATE HATE HATE the time overlap
Wednesday Nights
- Modern Family (ABC, 9pm)

Thursday Nights
- Jersey Shore (MTV, 10pm)
Friday Nights
- Say Yes to the Dress (TLC, all night?)
Saturday Nights
- Nothing
- Whatever ABCFamily movie is on

Sunday Nights
- Desperate Housewives (ABC, 9pm)
- GCB (ABC, 10pm)

So, here's where I need your guys help. I NEED A NEW THURSDAY NIGHT SHOW! Jersey Shore's season is over and now my Thursday nights are naked. I need a replacement for now. Please don't say American Idol either, the show stinks now in my opinion. Used to be way better!

Please give me a Thursday suggestion! Or let me know about any other good shows out there I'm missing!

XOXO, Rosie

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I think I can, I think I can!

Hey hey!

The unfortunate thing about spring is getting back your bikini bod, especially after it's been hidden beneath leggings and sweatshirts all winter long. This can be a bit of a hassle, and I know it's something we all tackle this time of year. April and May are my two months to get bikini ready. I'm determined too, and now I just need to keep that motivation going.

{story of my life right now}

Here are a few of the things I'm relying on this spring to get me in shape. Whether it's goals, videos, inspiration - whatever...anything can help. These are just what's motivating me recently.

{I dream of having these abs...key word "Dream}

I'm also using this link:
The good thing about that link is it's all mapped out for you. Literally - all mapped out. All you need to do is get off your butt and follow the workouts they give you (it's a month of workouts) and you can be good to go. Definitely worth a shot.

Green Monster smoothies - recipes are ALL over Google but in case you're feeling lazy just toss your favorite fruit, a big handful of spinach, some water (and ice) and some protein powder in and wala. Well - not exactly wala....you still have to workout and blah blah you know the drill.

I'm also relying on this link to get my abs in tip-top shape: Tony Horton Abs

And last but not least, I'm relying on the Victoria's Secret Angels and the Pinterest Fitness board to make me feel like (for lack of a better word...) shit until I have the body I want.

Sadly, I'm going to have to try and give up sweets until I have the body I want for the summer. This will be hell for me because I'm an avid baker and I LOVE MY SWEETS! No possible way I'll be able to give up all sweets though, I'll still sneak a whole bunch.

What are you guys doing to get in shape? Let's keep each other going!!

XOXO, Rosie

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prep Tuesday

Hey guys!

I don't know about you - I've said it once and I'll say it again - but I go absolutely nuts for sundress season. I love dresses in all cuts and colors, and this year my spring time dress award 100% goes to Lilly Pulitzer. Of course, they always make flawless and absolutely beautiful dresses but this year more than one has caught my eye. I wish they were a little more economical in terms of price, but I understand a wallet has to bleed for a beautiful outfit (sometimes). Here are my favorite Lilly picks, we all deserve a summer splurge! SO many of them remind me of Charlotte from Sex and the City also, which make them even more appealing. What dresses do you guys like this season?

Now let's just hope they get below $300...fingers crossed!!

XOXO, Rosie