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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prep Tuesday

Hey guys!

I don't know about you - I've said it once and I'll say it again - but I go absolutely nuts for sundress season. I love dresses in all cuts and colors, and this year my spring time dress award 100% goes to Lilly Pulitzer. Of course, they always make flawless and absolutely beautiful dresses but this year more than one has caught my eye. I wish they were a little more economical in terms of price, but I understand a wallet has to bleed for a beautiful outfit (sometimes). Here are my favorite Lilly picks, we all deserve a summer splurge! SO many of them remind me of Charlotte from Sex and the City also, which make them even more appealing. What dresses do you guys like this season?

Now let's just hope they get below $300...fingers crossed!!

XOXO, Rosie


  1. omg the felicity & maybell dresses have me drooling! so incredibly cute. and they really do remind me of charlotte! another plus! glad we have the exact same future lined up.. big ring on our finger & baseball kiddies :) if my kids wanna play any other sport besides baseball or football i seriously won't know what to do with them haha! so the bar last night DID NOT have the jolly rancher shot. they were clueless. i'm boycotting them forever. BUTTTT my preggo sister used to be a bartender, so she's gonna make them for me to taste if i help her with the baby room over easter break :) WOO! alls well that ends well haha

  2. OMG I love all of these!! Sundresses are my FAVEEE. So adorable!


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