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I'm an east coast girl making my way through life. I have a love for cooking, fitness, and really anything that can bring me happiness. Living my life for the next day and on a search for whatever my happily ever after may be. Life's too short to be unhappy right? If you navigated your way here, stay awhile! Have a nice day!
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Taking a Turn

Hey there -

I've been MIA and a half recently. Not so sure why, but I guess blogging has not exactly been on my mind. Maybe because I don't understand the new updated format of it? But but but - I have still been reading all of your blogs and still love to do that. You guys are an interesting bunch and always have something smart, funny, or interesting to say.

I decided I'm going to try something new with the blog. I'm going to stray away from fashion and makeup and yadda yadda for awhile because I found something that I really want to do. It's called "What I'm thankful for" and everyday for 30 days you write about something - anything - that you're thankful for. We live in such a busy world where people ignore some of the smallest and most beautiful things out there, so hopefully by doing this it will be a nice way to decompress and really make sure I'm enjoying and celebrating all of the great things in life.

Even if you guys don't choose to do a 30 day one, at least try to think of something everyday that you are thankful for. Think of it this way - if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today, what would you have?

So - here's hoping I can be loyal to these 30 days and really get everything in there. I'll try my hardest not to skip a day, but you know how things are :)

DAY 1: 
            I'm thankful for my family. For my wonderful parents and my sister who to me is a piece of perfection. We're just a small family of four but the way we all mesh together makes it just wonderful having them. They've seen me through the best of times and the worst of times, and even through my worst decisions and biggest mistakes they continue to see the best in me. It's a really special thing to have people who will be there for you no matter what. To have people who will always believe the best about you and will always believe that you can succeed no matter what you do. Usually these days it's all about people trying to get ahead of others and push others down, so to have a support system where you can turn into an ugly monster one day and have them still think the sun shines out of your ass - that's pretty perfect. So many times in life we forget to be thankful for our families. We assume that they are just a given, and that they'll always be there no matter what. There's no certainties in life though, as much as we're convinced there are. So many people aren't blessed with families that care and love them. So many people come from broken homes and tragic stories. For me, I have a pretty perfect family. I have three people who think that I'm just great - even though I don't believe that all the time about myself. I'm thankful that I have people like that in my life, who believe in me when I don't believe in myself. It's a really nice thing to have and a lot of us overlook that on a daily basis. Everyone needs to remember every single day to talk to their family. Whether it's face to face, over the phone, an email, or even a text - just let them know you love them. You only get one family in your life and you need to love them with all your might and make the best of your wonderful blessing. 



  1. Your family seems so sweet!! I'm really close to my family too, & we just keep expanding! (niece due in May, brother getting married in October.) I completely agree that you should talk to your family every single day :) I don't know what I would do without mine! literally go crazy.

  2. Lucky!! I'm the youngest actually with my sister and she doesn't really seem like she wants to get married - she's a pretty free spirit so it looks like I'm responsible for expanding the family. I always wanted a really big family I think it would be so much fun. I can't wait to see pictures of your niece!

  3. i'm the youngest in my family too :) but not for long with da baby on the way woohoo! PS- i nominated you for two more awards on my blog hahaha you're a winner!! :)


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