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Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Grab-Bag

Hi there, hi there! I've noticed most people on Blogger use Wednesdays as their "scatter-brained" days, but for me...that day is definitely Friday! Friday is the end of the week, when you're about to enter full relaxation mode (hopefully), so my brain is always a little drifty come Friday. So, I decided I'm going to use Friday's as my "grab-bag" day - no set topic for a post, just a mix of whatever is on my mind! So let the creative juices get flowing, and I hope you have a terrific Friday as well!

1. Pinterest's "Holidays" category is a huge "yes please!" of mine right now. I scrounge that website near the holidays because they always have the cutest, most adorable ideas on decorations, baking tips, presents, etc. It's your home plate for anything Valentines Day. And we all know that this little girl has V-day fever, so I have been all over this site to get even more excited for the big day!

2. I'm loving anything warm, cute, and loose right now for some reason. I guess because it's still cold and drafty outside, but I'm all about cute hoodies that will keep me warm too. One that I'm loving right now is a Malibu Society & Claeson Zip Hoodie. Warm, cute, what more could you ask for? You need a warm hoodie to get you through the rest of February, trust me!

3. "Hart of Dixie" on the CW Monday nights at 9 is the love of my life right now, especially since it goes back to back with "Gossip Girl." If you haven't watched this show, get on it! It's Rachel Bilson (from The OC) and summed up - she's a NYC girl who moves to Alabama spur of the moment to a tiny town to be a doctor. Very cute show, and free to watch online on CWTV.com. If you don't like the show, at least watch for the cute outfits she sports throughout the episode. Trust me, you'll go gaga for this girls closet.

4. I'm addicted to stir-fry right now. It's good for you, and it tastes delicious. I cook it up with some steam in the bag brown rice, frozen stir-fry veggie mix, some shrimp, and put a little bit of sesame-ginger sauce on top (Lawry's is the best). All of that you can find in any grocery store and your dinner will be done within 20 minutes. It's fast, cheap, and totally delicious.

That's all I've got for today. Can't wait for a much needed weekend. Not so sure what the plans are, I hate going out when it's cold! I'm a big baby about that. Maybe I'll have a "me" night and stay in and do all things Rosie, that sounds good to me. Plus every girl needs a night to just focus on and spoil herself. Going to the mall later this afternoon with the lovely Kyle, and I have a surprise I'll show you in a few days as a result of it! Have a great weekend guys, take care too!

XO, Rosie

Life's Little Instructions

Hey guys! I found a picture entitled "Life's Little Instructions." They were all kind of clustered together, but after reading them they were just so sweet and I think they definitely needed to be shared. Surprising how many of them are so simply, yet we ignore them so much each and every day. Maybe we could all start to try and do one or two of them everyday, and it could catch on and become a habit. I know I'm definitely going to try, and it's pretty cool to think that if everyone else tried to do the same then the world could get a little bit brighter every day. I typed them up below so you could read them easier, hopefully you love them just as much as I did. Amazing how such little things have the ability to make you and the people around you a little bit happier.

1. Sing in the shower
2. Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated
3. Watch a sunrise at least once a year
4. Never leave a toilet seat in the down position
5. Never refused homemade brownies
6. Strive for excellence, not perfection
7. Plant a tree on your birthday
8. Learn three clean jokes
9. Return borrowed vehicles with the gas tank full
10. Compliment three people every day
11. Never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them
12. Leave everything a little better than you found it
13. Keep it simple
14. Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures
15. Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know
16. Floss your teeth
17. Ask for a raise when you feel you've earned it
18. Be forgiving of yourself and others
19. Overtip breakfast waitresses
20. Say "thank you" a lot
21. Say "please" a lot
22. Avoid negative people
23. Buy whatever kids are selling on card tables in their front yards
24. Wear polished shoes
25. Remember other people's birthdays
26. Commit yourself to constant improvement
27. Carry jumper cables in your trunk
28. Have a firm handshake
29. Send lots of Valentine Cards, sign them "someone who thinks you're terrific"
30. Look people in the eye
31. Be the first to say hello
32. Use the good silver
33. Return all things you borrow
34. Make new friends but cherish the old ones
35. Keep secrets
36. Sing in a choir
37. Plant flowers every spring
38. Have a dog
39. Always accept an outstretched hand
40. Stop blaming others
41. Take responsibility for every area of your life
42. Wave at kids on school buses
43. Be there when people need you
44. Feed a stranger's expired parking meter
45. Don't expect life to be fair
46. Never underestimate the power of love
47. Drink champagne for no reason at all
48. Live your life as an exclamation, not an explanation
49. Don't be afraid to say "I made a mistake"
50. Don't be afraid to say "I don't know"
51. Compliment even small improvements
52. Keep your promises, no matter what
53. Marry only for love
54. Rekindle old friendships
55. Count your blessings
56. Call your mother

There's a daily dose of reading for you! But really, I hope you found one or two of those that you're going to commit yourself to doing every day. Make it a habit, then the habit will become a routine. Plus, you'll be happier in the long-run if even one of those becomes a part of your day. And you can never have too much happy, right?

XO, Rosie

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentines Day Ideas

Hello, hello! Valentines Day is just around the corner, and I don't know about you - but I could not be more excited. If you have a hot date this year I found some really cute looks that would be great for a night out on the town with your tall drink of water! And if it's a girls night out anti-V-Day party? These dresses are still cute for that too! Lots of variation between the dresses so hopefully one of them strikes your eye. Also - who cares if it's Valentines Day or not? Treat yourself!!! We all deserve to spoil ourselves a little bit every now and then.

Not the average V-Day dress right? It still totally works though: the lace is very romantic looking, and that pale green is cute enough to pass for any occasion.

I definitely love this dress. It's a little more conservative, but it can be worn for this holiday and even all spring and summer long. It's very simple and understated, but it is so versatile and can flatter any body type. Very cute choice. How can you not love Lilly?

Big fan of this dress as well. It's a little sexier for Valentines Day, especially if you have a late night reservation or something. It's a pale pink (dusty rose, to be exact) so it can be worn whenever. Looks great paired with a blazer too if you want to transform the look a little bit.

I'm a huge fan of this dress. Such a classic pink, it reminds me of Elle Woods! It's flirty, girly, pretty - everything you would want out of a feminine dress. You'll feel like you're sparkling once you get into this little number. It's definitely going to become a favorite if you choose to buy this. You'd be the most perfect little Valentine any guy could dream of!

I had mixed feelings about this dress: I sort of love it and then I also sort of am questionable about it. It's a great color - but I've always been a big skeptic of asymmetric dress styles. I think it all depends on your personal taste if the one sleeve would work for you. I do think it's cute though and you should try it on before you buy.

Too adorable. So pink and dainty! I'm shooting myself in the foot over this one, I want to go buy it for myself but it's not on the website anymore! I'm going to have to troll Bloomingdales and Nordstrom to figure out which store it was from - feel free to look yourself too! I will 100% post the link when I find it again. I would lose the perfect dresses link! :(

People need to start recognizing purple as a Valentines Day color too! It so is in the V-Day color family. How could it not be? It's just as cute, romantic, and Valentine-y as red and pink, right? I love this dress and how it fits. It's very loose but also very flattering. The purple will make you stand out too if you're daring enough to try it! Highly recommend, friends!

Confession: I have a weakness for color block dresses. This dress in particular is more of a daytime dress I'd say, but it can be converted into a night dress as well. It'd look great and totally in spirit if worn on the actual Valentines DAY instead of the night. Plus, the pop of color would keep you going all day long.

Hopefully this got you a little more excited for the big day! There are so many cute choices out there to pick from, so please do explore! Find something you love - splurge! Spoil yourself. It's not just about loving someone else on V-Day, it's about loving yourself as well.

XO, Rosie

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spring Fever

Hey friends - How killer are these fluctuating temperatures? I tell you, I am struggling between the 45 degree to 62 degree temp changes everyday. Not to mention, it's super hard to dress for the weird winter weather right now - am I right? I know I'm having a hard time balancing chunky sweaters, light weight knits, coat vs. no coat. The weather is totally making life that much more indecisive. I couldn't be more excited for spring time, especially now that we've had a tease of the spring weather. In order to get in the spring mood and satisfy my craving for the warm weather I'm going to share with you guys pops of colors that I'm loving for spring apparel. Agree or disagree? Up to you!
This website apparently has the shoes for cheap(er) than you could ever expect from Louboutin directly. At $158 it seems like a good buy (and they are SO cute and versatile), but I've never ordered from this site before - so use your own discretion before purchasing!! Love the pumps though - they can go with anything and have a spring/summer feel to them.

How could you not smile when you look down and see these babies on your feet?! The color to me just screams spring. It's aqua, come on! Very cute, very girly, very ready to be worn on your feet in spring. We all need a cute pair of spring heels, so maybe these could be the pair for you!

So this isn't an exact "spring buy," but it's a go-to for your spring buy needs. I mentioned the annoying half winter, half spring weather - and an easy cure for the season is to pair your outfit with a cute scarf. Not a heavy one, just enough to keep you a little warm while also looking cute. While scarves can seem boring when just wrapped around the neck, this link gives you 15 different ways to tie your scarf! The possibilities are endless, so feel free to experiment!

In case you're headed anywhere for the day, why not bring along a cute (and light) little clutch? It's very simple yet makes a big statement with that awesome pink stripe. It's the perfect combination of simple and girly. That pink pop of color would no doubt brighten your day too. Check out this sites other clutches, they have some really cool stuff.

Sequin and white jeans together? Yes please! I cannot wait at all to get back into my white jeans. I swear summer has the best fashion options, no matter how hot I get in those jeans. Definitely love the sequin top paired with the white jeans, and this can be taken from day to night very easily throughout our warmer seasons.

Good for a day trip, for class, whatever. Even a great beach bag too which is what I'll be using mine for! The site has crazy good colors - from neons to tans they have something to please even the most stubborn tastes. Great quality bags too. More people need to know about this site, so get talking!!

I'm a huge sucker for this dress. It doesn't look like much on a hanger but I promise, once you get the dress on you'll feel like a million bucks. It looks very cute paired with a belt (I go for a thick leather braided belt with a gold circle buckle), and it can also go well with cowboy boots if you can pull it off, which I'm sure you all can! (Teach me!!) It's a great dress, super comfy, super cute.

Any Anthropologie lovers here? Well, even if you're not one - these sandals could change that. While they are a little pricey for sandals ($168) they are so cute, and even come in red too. At first I thought these looked a little too "Barney" for me, but if you were them with a simple outfit and make these your statement piece they couldn't look more chic.

I am in love with this store, and even more in love with this dress. Also comes in navy blue and red. Totally classic prep - if any of you are still out there!!! It's comfy, breezy, cute, classic - and the dress speaks for itself. Pair with some cute sandals or summer wedges and you'll be an instant knockout.

Just realized how much green and teal I put into this blog!! Oops! Guess that's my new color for the spring? Anyways, these are just a few (literally FEW) samples of what's out there for the spring. Spring is the time to get a little color crazy and break out of your winter blues. So go for it! Find what works for you, and I hope I got you a little more excited for the warm temperatures to start up again!!

XO, Rosie

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sweet Words

Hello, hello! Before I venture off into the last hours before my final exams (dreading them...), I thought I would put up some nice quotes I found - just to make it easier to get through the day. It's amazing the power that words can have on people, they really do speak to the soul in ways that nothing else really can. These quotes all are very sweet and special to me, so I hope they brighten up your day or night a little bit. If only we all could remember to live by these on a daily basis! Maybe an extra resolution for 2012? I'll talk to you all soon!

XO, Rosie

All About Me Survey!

Everybody needs a few minutes a day to focus solely on themselves, right? We need to make ourselves happy too in order to keep our sanity! We all can learn more about ourselves each and every day, and I think it's important to always get to know yourself a little bit better than the day before. I found this survey and I thought it was pretty unique, so I decided to take a few minutes to fill it out, and I hope that as you read my answers you'll be inspired to re-post the survey on your own blog with your personal answers, or at least think of your own answers as you read through mine! Enjoy :)

1. I am... a college student, figuring things out along the way as I go and loving every minute!
2. I want... to be happy, no matter where I go or what I do.
3. I have... the greatest family and friends I could ever dream of.
4. I wish... people would act their age, but not take themselves too seriously.
5. I hate... that people in the world can be so cruel and twisted.
6. I fear... the people I love getting hurt.
7. I search... for inner peace and serenity amongst the daily hustle & bustle.
8. I wonder... what is on everyone else's mind all day long.
9. I regret... some of the guys I've dated in the past, but I guess you learn from mistakes.
10. I love... my boyfriend and best friend Kyle, he's the greatest guy a girl could ask for!
11. I ache... after a long & grueling workout at the gym.
12. I always... want the people around me to be as happy as possible.
13. I usually... make homemade treats, unless I'm too exhausted to stand in the kitchen.
14. I am not... ashamed of who I am at all, we're all meant to be beautiful & unique.
15. I dance... alone, while I get ready to go out! Very nerdy!
16. I sing... in the car, unless there's a car next to me - then I try to play it off.
17. I never... drink soda, the carbon bubbles are spicy to me, if that makes sense?
18. I rarely... get in fights, I prefer everything to be calm and easy.
19. I cry... like a baby when I do! Especially when I'm sick, it's bawl city over here.
20. I am not always... talkative when you meet me, I'm very shy in person at first.
21. I lose... focus as soon as I get on my laptop to work - Pinterest calls my name!
22. I'm confused... about why people are mean to each other sometimes. What's the point?
23. I need... to focus on the future and how to get there while still enjoying the present!
24. I should... be studying for finals right now, but I was due for a posting!
25. I dream... that one day, every single person will find their piece of happiness and embrace it. Life is too short to live in boredom or sadness. Find what makes you happy and go for it, whatever that means to you.

XO, Rosie

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gossip Girl, Anyone?

"Gossip Girl" is admittedly one of my guilty t.v. pleasures. Don't judge!! We all have our shows that other people think are stupid, but to us those shows are like finding gold in Mecca. If you're not a fan of the show I'm sorry, but you might want to skip this post and wait for my next one! I love GG and always have, since season one when Blair and Nate were together (so long ago!). Anyways, Monday's (Jan. 30) episode was finally Blair's wedding. So exciting, I knew this was going to be a favorite episode of mine. It combined Leighton Meester and weddings, two of my most favorite things! Although the episode didn't go how I wanted it to (damn you Louis!) I still had a blast looking at her makeup, dress, and every other detail of her wedding. It was all so beautiful, definitely one of my top 5 envious t.v./movie weddings. Just wanted to post a few pictures for all you other GG lovers, and even if you aren't a GG fan you can still enjoy the pretty pictures. Last comment, I was OBSESSED with her bouquet of flowers for the wedding. I couldn't find a great picture of them, but if you watch the episode you can see for yourself. Everyone pray, for my sanity at least, that Chuck & Blair get back together!! So excited to post these pictures they are all perfection to me. Hope you get the same kick out of them that I did!


XO, Rosie

Under the Weather

How is it possible to have gotten the flu when it's 60 degrees outside in February?! Just a bad break I suppose. So while everyone else is out there in their shorts and t-shirts enjoying spring come early, I'll be cooped up in sweat pants sweating this flu out! Kyle took the best care of me last night though, and I was very thankful that I had someone care about me so much while I was sick! He made me Noodle-O's soup and covered me in blankets, checking on me religiously every now and then to make sure I wasn't dead in bed. What a guy right! Anyways, feeling so sick and crummy today I decided to post something about protecting your own self from getting sick these last few weeks of dreary winter!

1. Wash your hands!!! Should be easy enough to remember but gross statistics always say that over 50% of people do not wash their hands after using the bathroom. Gross!! We get sick from germs, so fend the germs off by washing your hands with extra hot water and double soap...just to make sure!
2. Make an effort not to touch your face with your hands. If your hands have the germs, and you put them on your face...well...you're just asking for it then. And it makes your skin breakout if you touch your face, so HANDS OFF!
3. So sad for poor me, but stay away from us sicklings. We won't get you sick on purpose, but it's bound to happen if you come into contact with us. And on that note? Don't share group food, group drinks, bottles, or anything really. Keep everything to yourself and yourself only. Why would you want everyone else's germs on you? Ick.
4. Get some sleep! Sleep helps your immune system stay nice and strong, plus it feels awesome too to be well rested. You should be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed waking up, not rolling out of bed! Get some sleep to ward off the icky-sicky.
5. Water, water, water! OJ, OJ, OJ! Keep hydrating, all day long! Your immune system works overtime to get the illness out of your body and to keep it away, so reward it's hard work with some water. OJ will help too, because we all know that Vitamin C is the way to go.
6. Eat well! We should be eating well every day, but I know we all give into pastries and Chipotle way more than we should. (I'm dessert queen, so I need to follow my own advice!). Stay away from too much sugar and make sure you're getting your fruits + veggies - if you feed your body well it will treat you even better.
7. Skip the gym. This is easy to do! Take a day off if you feel some kind of illness coming on. You don't need to over-exert yourself especially when you're about to get sick. Just take the day off, focus on feeling better, and you can get back to busting your booty at the gym as soon as possibly.
8. Call someone who makes you feel better, I'm sure they would be happy to come make you feel better!! We have to be there for each other, and everyone has someone to call when they feel a little crummy.
9. If it's winter season, leave the house dressed smart. If it's cold out, dress for the cold! Don't try and bear it in just a sweatshirt. Leave the house armed in gloves, scarves, jackets - whatever it takes for you not to feel sick.
10. Learn your body and get to know yourself. If you feel like you're getting sick, you probably are. So take extra caution to avoid feeling lousy when your first symptoms come roaring in!

I know, fairly standard list. We all learned this stuff in Pre-K right? Just a friendly reminder to help you ward off any kind of sickness that could be coming your way this season. Sometimes reading about all the boring details reinforces it so that you refresh your mind on the how-to's. Take care of yourselves and I wish you all the best to stay well!!!

XO, Rosie

Beauty Loot

Hello friends! I'm an avid beauty-looter. I love every kind of products and love to try and experiment with new things. But there are so many options out there! From drugstores to high end products, the list can go on and on. I had a gift card that I just used to Sephora and was able to cop some pretty great new products I wanted to tell you about - including some non-Sephora products. They all work well on all skin types from what I was told, and they all have common universal results that every girl would want to have on her face! Really I think they can work on all skin types. And for the Sephora buys, you can ask them for a sample of the products and try them for a few nights to see if you'd be interested in adding them to you regiment. If you get a chance I really do recommend trying some of these out, or let me know if you've found something better!

I love, love, love this. They have versions of these, primarily from Clarisonic that go for about $200 retail. That's a pretty huge purchase, especially if you don't even know how it works. This can be bought through Amazon or at your local drugstore. I have to say, this is a product that worked over night. I noticed softer, more touchable skin the next day. It runs about $50 retail, and you have to buy replacement "puffs" for it for about $20. But, if you're looking for a gentle but powerful exfoliator for your face you should definitely look into investing into this product.

A savior! If you slather this on your face before bedtime, you will wake up with the most beautiful dewey skin you've ever seen. It's straight coconut oil, but it doesn't leave your skin oily whatsoever - so for all my oily-prone friends out there...this will not make you breakout. It's such a rich moisturizer and can clear up dry skin or dull skin over night. Only $10.99 too, and you can order it through Dr. Bronner's online or at your local Whole Foods. You won't want to stop slathering yourself in this once you start. It's a miracle worker, people!

Never too early to start worrying about anti-aging! You heard that here first. Girls wait way too long to start with anti-aging products, and then they get disappointed when they see the results of that five years later! While I only had three samples of this product, I can honestly say that it made my skin a lot firmer and tighter within two uses. It just tightens everything up while giving you a good moisturizer. I'll be investing in this in the near future, and for anyone worried about drooping or sagging this is a definite go-to if you ask me.

My favorite!! This product made me cheat on my coconut oil! Although it seems a little pricey at $65 for the set, it really is a good real because it gives you an overnight bottle and a day time bottle, both reasonably sized too. The reason I love this is because it is formulated with Retin A. It smoothes out your skin so well, day and night, that you notice a difference after the very first application. Retin A non-prescription? Why not! The day time cream illuminates the skin, giving it this pretty lit-from-within iridescent glow. The night time cream promises to resurface the skin while you sleep, and I noticed that I did wake up with softer, prettier skin. Great product, I highly recommend it. Plus, they promise a glowing complexion and that's exactly what you'll get.

This product probably only applies to a fraction of the ladies out there, who either are suffering from post-acne marks or sun-spots. Well, this product is the closest that you will get to clearing up those dark spots you hate so much. You will have fewer and lighter acne scars after using this for maybe three weeks. It isn't a miracle over night cure, but it's as close as you'll get to that with a serum. It's a great product if you're willing to be faithful to it for a few weeks. It's $60 but that seems a small price to pay in return for ridding of those scars you hate, right?

XO, Rosie