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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentines Day Ideas

Hello, hello! Valentines Day is just around the corner, and I don't know about you - but I could not be more excited. If you have a hot date this year I found some really cute looks that would be great for a night out on the town with your tall drink of water! And if it's a girls night out anti-V-Day party? These dresses are still cute for that too! Lots of variation between the dresses so hopefully one of them strikes your eye. Also - who cares if it's Valentines Day or not? Treat yourself!!! We all deserve to spoil ourselves a little bit every now and then.

Not the average V-Day dress right? It still totally works though: the lace is very romantic looking, and that pale green is cute enough to pass for any occasion.

I definitely love this dress. It's a little more conservative, but it can be worn for this holiday and even all spring and summer long. It's very simple and understated, but it is so versatile and can flatter any body type. Very cute choice. How can you not love Lilly?

Big fan of this dress as well. It's a little sexier for Valentines Day, especially if you have a late night reservation or something. It's a pale pink (dusty rose, to be exact) so it can be worn whenever. Looks great paired with a blazer too if you want to transform the look a little bit.

I'm a huge fan of this dress. Such a classic pink, it reminds me of Elle Woods! It's flirty, girly, pretty - everything you would want out of a feminine dress. You'll feel like you're sparkling once you get into this little number. It's definitely going to become a favorite if you choose to buy this. You'd be the most perfect little Valentine any guy could dream of!

I had mixed feelings about this dress: I sort of love it and then I also sort of am questionable about it. It's a great color - but I've always been a big skeptic of asymmetric dress styles. I think it all depends on your personal taste if the one sleeve would work for you. I do think it's cute though and you should try it on before you buy.

Too adorable. So pink and dainty! I'm shooting myself in the foot over this one, I want to go buy it for myself but it's not on the website anymore! I'm going to have to troll Bloomingdales and Nordstrom to figure out which store it was from - feel free to look yourself too! I will 100% post the link when I find it again. I would lose the perfect dresses link! :(

People need to start recognizing purple as a Valentines Day color too! It so is in the V-Day color family. How could it not be? It's just as cute, romantic, and Valentine-y as red and pink, right? I love this dress and how it fits. It's very loose but also very flattering. The purple will make you stand out too if you're daring enough to try it! Highly recommend, friends!

Confession: I have a weakness for color block dresses. This dress in particular is more of a daytime dress I'd say, but it can be converted into a night dress as well. It'd look great and totally in spirit if worn on the actual Valentines DAY instead of the night. Plus, the pop of color would keep you going all day long.

Hopefully this got you a little more excited for the big day! There are so many cute choices out there to pick from, so please do explore! Find something you love - splurge! Spoil yourself. It's not just about loving someone else on V-Day, it's about loving yourself as well.

XO, Rosie

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