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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spring Fever

Hey friends - How killer are these fluctuating temperatures? I tell you, I am struggling between the 45 degree to 62 degree temp changes everyday. Not to mention, it's super hard to dress for the weird winter weather right now - am I right? I know I'm having a hard time balancing chunky sweaters, light weight knits, coat vs. no coat. The weather is totally making life that much more indecisive. I couldn't be more excited for spring time, especially now that we've had a tease of the spring weather. In order to get in the spring mood and satisfy my craving for the warm weather I'm going to share with you guys pops of colors that I'm loving for spring apparel. Agree or disagree? Up to you!
This website apparently has the shoes for cheap(er) than you could ever expect from Louboutin directly. At $158 it seems like a good buy (and they are SO cute and versatile), but I've never ordered from this site before - so use your own discretion before purchasing!! Love the pumps though - they can go with anything and have a spring/summer feel to them.

How could you not smile when you look down and see these babies on your feet?! The color to me just screams spring. It's aqua, come on! Very cute, very girly, very ready to be worn on your feet in spring. We all need a cute pair of spring heels, so maybe these could be the pair for you!

So this isn't an exact "spring buy," but it's a go-to for your spring buy needs. I mentioned the annoying half winter, half spring weather - and an easy cure for the season is to pair your outfit with a cute scarf. Not a heavy one, just enough to keep you a little warm while also looking cute. While scarves can seem boring when just wrapped around the neck, this link gives you 15 different ways to tie your scarf! The possibilities are endless, so feel free to experiment!

In case you're headed anywhere for the day, why not bring along a cute (and light) little clutch? It's very simple yet makes a big statement with that awesome pink stripe. It's the perfect combination of simple and girly. That pink pop of color would no doubt brighten your day too. Check out this sites other clutches, they have some really cool stuff.

Sequin and white jeans together? Yes please! I cannot wait at all to get back into my white jeans. I swear summer has the best fashion options, no matter how hot I get in those jeans. Definitely love the sequin top paired with the white jeans, and this can be taken from day to night very easily throughout our warmer seasons.

Good for a day trip, for class, whatever. Even a great beach bag too which is what I'll be using mine for! The site has crazy good colors - from neons to tans they have something to please even the most stubborn tastes. Great quality bags too. More people need to know about this site, so get talking!!

I'm a huge sucker for this dress. It doesn't look like much on a hanger but I promise, once you get the dress on you'll feel like a million bucks. It looks very cute paired with a belt (I go for a thick leather braided belt with a gold circle buckle), and it can also go well with cowboy boots if you can pull it off, which I'm sure you all can! (Teach me!!) It's a great dress, super comfy, super cute.

Any Anthropologie lovers here? Well, even if you're not one - these sandals could change that. While they are a little pricey for sandals ($168) they are so cute, and even come in red too. At first I thought these looked a little too "Barney" for me, but if you were them with a simple outfit and make these your statement piece they couldn't look more chic.

I am in love with this store, and even more in love with this dress. Also comes in navy blue and red. Totally classic prep - if any of you are still out there!!! It's comfy, breezy, cute, classic - and the dress speaks for itself. Pair with some cute sandals or summer wedges and you'll be an instant knockout.

Just realized how much green and teal I put into this blog!! Oops! Guess that's my new color for the spring? Anyways, these are just a few (literally FEW) samples of what's out there for the spring. Spring is the time to get a little color crazy and break out of your winter blues. So go for it! Find what works for you, and I hope I got you a little more excited for the warm temperatures to start up again!!

XO, Rosie


  1. So pretty! Everything here is totally adorable! All must-haves! Loveee the shoes!

    PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog! Check it out, if you'd like :)

    ox from NYC!


  2. Thanks, following your blog now! Would love a follow back !


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