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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beauty Loot

Hello friends! I'm an avid beauty-looter. I love every kind of products and love to try and experiment with new things. But there are so many options out there! From drugstores to high end products, the list can go on and on. I had a gift card that I just used to Sephora and was able to cop some pretty great new products I wanted to tell you about - including some non-Sephora products. They all work well on all skin types from what I was told, and they all have common universal results that every girl would want to have on her face! Really I think they can work on all skin types. And for the Sephora buys, you can ask them for a sample of the products and try them for a few nights to see if you'd be interested in adding them to you regiment. If you get a chance I really do recommend trying some of these out, or let me know if you've found something better!

I love, love, love this. They have versions of these, primarily from Clarisonic that go for about $200 retail. That's a pretty huge purchase, especially if you don't even know how it works. This can be bought through Amazon or at your local drugstore. I have to say, this is a product that worked over night. I noticed softer, more touchable skin the next day. It runs about $50 retail, and you have to buy replacement "puffs" for it for about $20. But, if you're looking for a gentle but powerful exfoliator for your face you should definitely look into investing into this product.

A savior! If you slather this on your face before bedtime, you will wake up with the most beautiful dewey skin you've ever seen. It's straight coconut oil, but it doesn't leave your skin oily whatsoever - so for all my oily-prone friends out there...this will not make you breakout. It's such a rich moisturizer and can clear up dry skin or dull skin over night. Only $10.99 too, and you can order it through Dr. Bronner's online or at your local Whole Foods. You won't want to stop slathering yourself in this once you start. It's a miracle worker, people!

Never too early to start worrying about anti-aging! You heard that here first. Girls wait way too long to start with anti-aging products, and then they get disappointed when they see the results of that five years later! While I only had three samples of this product, I can honestly say that it made my skin a lot firmer and tighter within two uses. It just tightens everything up while giving you a good moisturizer. I'll be investing in this in the near future, and for anyone worried about drooping or sagging this is a definite go-to if you ask me.

My favorite!! This product made me cheat on my coconut oil! Although it seems a little pricey at $65 for the set, it really is a good real because it gives you an overnight bottle and a day time bottle, both reasonably sized too. The reason I love this is because it is formulated with Retin A. It smoothes out your skin so well, day and night, that you notice a difference after the very first application. Retin A non-prescription? Why not! The day time cream illuminates the skin, giving it this pretty lit-from-within iridescent glow. The night time cream promises to resurface the skin while you sleep, and I noticed that I did wake up with softer, prettier skin. Great product, I highly recommend it. Plus, they promise a glowing complexion and that's exactly what you'll get.

This product probably only applies to a fraction of the ladies out there, who either are suffering from post-acne marks or sun-spots. Well, this product is the closest that you will get to clearing up those dark spots you hate so much. You will have fewer and lighter acne scars after using this for maybe three weeks. It isn't a miracle over night cure, but it's as close as you'll get to that with a serum. It's a great product if you're willing to be faithful to it for a few weeks. It's $60 but that seems a small price to pay in return for ridding of those scars you hate, right?

XO, Rosie

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