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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gossip Girl, Anyone?

"Gossip Girl" is admittedly one of my guilty t.v. pleasures. Don't judge!! We all have our shows that other people think are stupid, but to us those shows are like finding gold in Mecca. If you're not a fan of the show I'm sorry, but you might want to skip this post and wait for my next one! I love GG and always have, since season one when Blair and Nate were together (so long ago!). Anyways, Monday's (Jan. 30) episode was finally Blair's wedding. So exciting, I knew this was going to be a favorite episode of mine. It combined Leighton Meester and weddings, two of my most favorite things! Although the episode didn't go how I wanted it to (damn you Louis!) I still had a blast looking at her makeup, dress, and every other detail of her wedding. It was all so beautiful, definitely one of my top 5 envious t.v./movie weddings. Just wanted to post a few pictures for all you other GG lovers, and even if you aren't a GG fan you can still enjoy the pretty pictures. Last comment, I was OBSESSED with her bouquet of flowers for the wedding. I couldn't find a great picture of them, but if you watch the episode you can see for yourself. Everyone pray, for my sanity at least, that Chuck & Blair get back together!! So excited to post these pictures they are all perfection to me. Hope you get the same kick out of them that I did!


XO, Rosie

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