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Monday, December 3, 2012

Catching Up

If someone looked at this blog, they might notice that I have a tendency to only post on Monday mornings. Oops, guilty. I don't know what it is. Maybe Monday's are just so awful that I look for something else to do to take my mind off the dreadful start of the week? Who knows. I'm trying to get better at posting.

It's the end of the semester here which naturally is the busiest time of year. Time to deal with those teachers that don't grade things on time and leave you wondering how you're doing in the class until two weeks after the semester ends. You guys probably have teachers like that, and can agree that it's the absolute worst.

Being the internet troll I am, I found this blog that I think is absolutely hysterical. It's called "Least Helpful" and they find ridiculous reviews of products on the internet that are just awful and make no sense, but prove to be super funny. Here are three that should give you a good laugh, and if they don't then I probably need to re-evaluate my sense of humor.

Lastly, word to the wise, don't watch the State Fair special on the Travel channel when you're hungry. I'm watching people in Wisconsin deep fry peanut butter in chocolate then dip it in chocolate and I don't think this tummy of mine has ever growled so hard. Actually, everything they've shown is deep fried. They did take it a little too far with deep fried butter...but I'm sure it probably has a hint of deliciousness in it.

I promise that I'll start posting more relevant things on this old blog of mine.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving...Where Are You?!

So, I stayed in all weekend. Kyle was feeling under the weather, and it was just too cold to go out in a little skirt and pretend that I didn't feel like I was trapped in a glacier. I watched way too much Sex and the City, if that's possible. I've been wondering all weekend how Carrie can manage to have a fabulous apartment and the best closet known to woman while only doing a weekly column, especially since I know journalism doesn't pay too much (unless you're among the ranks of Katie Couric). Then I wondered, how can she manage to have all of those designer clothes and shoes, and a NYC apartment, and eat out and get cocktails 6 nights a week? And not gain any weight? Oh, Carrie. You are too perfect and us girls will be eternally jealous of your HBO life. 

I'm writing for The Campus Companion this fall. It's a good time, I've definitely become more grounded in internet writing I would say. It's still weird to me though when I write advice pieces, I mean, are people really listening to me? Bless em. Here's a link to one of my pieces, for all you Disney lovers out there. Funny though, they had me write a piece on internships and where to find them - I'm still looking for my own! I'm probably the only one who thinks that's funny. Now that I'm done semi self-promoting (we all need to pat our own backs sometimes)....

Thanksgiving could not come soon enough. I can't wait to be home. School hasn't been anything crazy, but I just would like a week off to find some time to just sit. Maybe give myself an at home spa day, go to a movie, just something different. I'm probably the biggest advocate for having a change of scenery, so that's going to be nice as well. I miss city traffic and cop cars, is that weird? I miss the little stores, the parks, and for some reason I just feel safer in a city. You'd think the opposite, but oh well. 

Before I go home for break, I really want to get rid of  attempt to bag up and donate some of my old clothes. I tried about a week ago, but let me tell you, it's harder than it seems. I've donated a good amount of clothes I've either outgrown in size/taste/maturity, but my closet is still packed. Plus, you can't get more until you have less? I think that's how it goes. Is it just me or does it seem like you hate all of your clothes, but then when you go to give them away you suddenly develop a sentimental relationship with them? I can't tell you how many shirts I looked at and thought "oh,  but I wore that one when I dressed up as a a panda in 4th grade!" Like, no. Things need to go. 

By the way, obsessed with this girls voice. Her name is  Michaela Rowe and she's my latest YouTube go-to. She wrote this song HERSELF when she was just 11!!!! You'll love it. 

Time to go trudge through the rest of the day in preparation for the rest of the week before break.... 


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm Back

After a long five month hiatus, I figured it was time to return back to le blog. I guess I figured there wasn't really a purpose to me writing or even having a blog in general. No one really sees it (right?), so what was I doing it for?

I figured out it doesn't really matter if people are reading what's on here. Of course I'd love the traffic and to talk to new people and have people read what I have to say, but that isn't the purpose of a blog. So me and my audience-less self are back for round two. Trying this time to just write and have fun on here when I feel like it. Plus, I'm sure like ten years from now I can look back at this and laugh at myself and everything I've written on here. Hopefully one day I'll look back and become full with sweet memories of this little blog and see how far I've come! A little sarcastic, but I genuinely do think it would be interesting to look back at my life on this blog ten years from now.

Where do I even start now? I guess I'll bullet-point what I've been up to the past five months.

- Sophomore year ended
- I went home for the summer
- I interned at a divorce law firm
- I decided I like wearing ballerina flats and dresses to work
- I was in charge of everyone's lunch orders, became friends with Cosi and Potbelly workers
- Almost peed my pants first time doing a court run, by the end of the summer loved the court workers
- Realized how hard it is to carry bags of food, and learned how mad people get when their orders are messed up
- Went to Cape Cod with just the family this year, had a great time even though it rained a lot
- Went back to school, first time ever not having an early end to summer because of soccer
- Missed soccer
- Realized I had to move on and find something new besides soccer
- Cried because I didn't know what to do without soccer
- Pulled myself together and focused on school
- Got two internships for the fall semester, I write for The Campus Companion now
- Had a quarter life crisis, solved it by a weekend off from life and a trip to the hair salon
- I have darker hair now, still deciding if I love it or not
- Had an awesome Halloweekend
- Survived Hurricane Sandy, lucky/sad she didn't hit so hard in my area
- Been off from school for almost a week because of the hurricane

In a nutshell, I guess that's what I've been up to the past 5 months. Now that I look at it, it sounds pathetic, but I swear I've been busy and more exciting things have happened.

Here's a picture from Halloween - I'm running out of things to post about already! It's a picture of Kyle and our friend Hinkle. (Kyle was Scott Disick - priceless).

As for now, I'm trying to master different places to put your arms in pictures so you don't have to be stuck doing the stupid hand to hip sorority pose that we're all in a rut with. So far, little progress has been made.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Manic Monday

Hey there -

I seriously should not be on blogger right now, because I have two exams today. But hey, we all need a break sometimes. I can't wait to get home and get out of school - this year just needs to be done! I'm super envious of everybody who ended weeks ago (even days ago) who are home enjoying the first few pages of summer. Me on the other hand, I'm stuck here and there isn't even nice weather to make me feel better. This is how I feel right now.  

                                          {The artist must have had me in mind drawing this}

I actually don't have too much to say today, as I spent the majority of my weekend watching Shark Tank with Kyle and eating miscellaneous candy items from 7-11. My mom & dad came by though and took Kyle and I out to dinner...I had crabcakes and they were absolutely delicious. I swear, seafood is by far my favorite food. Anytime of day, any type of seafood - I will eat it with relish and joy. It was a fun time though - we all had a good sit down, mostly talking about the eager anticipation of summer and being home. 

I have a final exam today on the full lists of cabinet members in Iran...lucky me. I really just can't wait to get home and get on with life (hah!) which for me will consist of my real gym which is complete with numerous fun classes and cool equipment, and also beach time and baseball time (go Nats!). 

I'm still working at the law firm I talked about earlier this summer - I'm really not sure how big of a role I'll have there, but it's good experience for me and will also look good on the ever so important resume. Plus, maybe I'll have some epiphany of what I want to be when I'm older (love that I can still say this for the time being...). 

Also....Gossip Girl tonight! Not quite sure if it's the season finale....(GOD I HOPE NOT) but make sure to watch! I have a feeling it's going to be a good one. Last episode of Desperate Housewives EVER was on last night...cannot tell you what a depression I'm in that the ladies of Wisteria Lane are gone for good - but that is ANOTHER post for a whole new day (I could go on and on and on).


Now that I've realized how incredibly boring this post is...I figure I better get back to studying. T minus 40 minutes until I have to get into that stupid exam room....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So - happy Monday to everybody, happy summer to those of you who are done with school, and happy graduation to any newly post-grad kids out there...you did it!!

As for me -- Rosie the Riveter is my source of ummph to get me through the next week or so.... 


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hey there...

Today at 1:20 marks the first interview...of my life. Well - important interview at least. It's the first interview I'll ever be going to where I have to dress up, smile, and work the people skills. Eek! I'm sure everybody else has already had their first interview, but today is my first one and I'm nervous as all get out! I'm sure in like, ten years (maybe even 5) if this blog still exists I'll read this post and laugh about it, because by that point I probably will have survived many more interviews. But as of today...it's the first one and I'm still pretty nervous! 

It's not even an interview for a job which is the funny part - it's for an abroad trip to DC to work in January at a government agency or Congressional office. Still, it's important and I want to make sure to leave a good impression. I decided not to get too too dressed up - I figured I should play it calm and cool and act like I've done this before. Maybe I can fool them! I met with one of the interviewers (?) to hand in a resume before and they told me they gave "serious preference" to the older candidates, and I said "well good news for me I guess" (sarcastically) and she laughed, then told me I had a good sense of humor. Why oh why can't humor be the deal sealer instead of GPA and work experience?! The world would be so much more fun! 

I'm a little bit nervous because I finish class at 1:10 and then have to scoot alllllll the way across campus by 1:20 to be there on time. Is that a time crunch or what? I probably should have asked for a little later of a time, but I didn't want them to think I was a little brat that they had to accommodate. 

Hopefully I don't say "um" and "like" today, and hopefully I'm not a sweaty ugly mess from running across campus! Here's a little glimpse of my outfit - just a striped teal dress and some pink ballet flats. Figured I should keep it casually pulled together. Also I have a small gold headband on from J.Crew and I decided to keep my makeup pretty minimal (don't want to look like I'm trying too hard...and also don't want to look like a Barbie doll since this is after all a political internship...) by wearing mascara, blush, and pink lipgloss. 

Right about now I've decided I am WAY too nervous....but who wasn't nervous their first time doing anything important? These quotes are helping me a little bit, at least to ease the jitters. 

 I think I can, I think I can! Wish me luck! 


P.S. --> Like all good things in life, I hope to look back at this post one day and laugh.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Target Tuesday

Hey there -

I'm going to keep today short and sweet - but first I'm sad because all my favorite blogettes have not posted recently! Wah! Hope everything and everyone is okay! Anyways, I usually (aka all my life) have never been a Target shopper. Sports bras were the extent to my apparel purchases from the big red store. It's not that I never liked anything - I just never gave myself the opportunity to like anything. In other words, I always viewed Target as a drugstore and appliance store more than a clothing store. However, the more and more I walk through the Target here at school I see more and more clothes that look very appealing to me. So, Target goers, is it just me or has Target gone upscale and chic in their clothes?

Anyways - I'm loving that Target picked up a line called "The Webster." My best description would be  a very economical Lilly Pulitzer. They have cute dresses, shorts, and cardigans from the likes of it. I picked up a cardigan from The Webster a few weeks ago, and I have to say I love it. It's a very neat and sophisticated looking line. Very pulled together. The whole collection can be found in stores, and also online here where they have online prices...yippie for cheaper!!! Here are just a few pieces from the collection that I thought were cute and well-priced.  

Hopefully that gives you a little glimpse of the collection. It's cute! Not cheap fabric either, it's pretty well made. Definitely worth a try-on if not a purchase. Also...they had adorable robes for anyone who is looking for anything in that department! 

Happy Tuesday!


Friday, May 4, 2012


Who else could not be happier that it's Friday? I'm in the final stretch until summertime and I can't wait for school to be o-v-e-r. Another year under the belt, yippie! Also - it dawned on me yesterday that we spend roughly half of our lives in school....yawn. As important as education is, maybe in future future years from now they'll cut down on the years of schooling. There needs to be more time for life and fun!!! For the Friday post I'll just make it a "what's up and on my mind" sort of deal.

1. Tomorrow (Saturday) is Cinco de Mayo. Now - I have absolutely no Spanish/Latina/Mexican in me at all whatsoever, but this is an excuse to celebrate a holiday! Plus, my sister is Puerto Rican so maybe I do have a right to celebrate. Last year was pretty fun but I think this year will top it for sure - like everybody knows college always has the best t-shirts with the best (and dumbest) slogans...last year ours was "Cinco de Drinko." Cute, right? Sadly this year there were no t-shirts, but I guess that's good for my (I mean my dads) bank account. Guess I'll be recycling Cinco de Drinko for it's second annual appearance! I plan to spend tomorrow on the patio at a local  Mexican restaurant with Kyle and a group of our friends. Pitchers of margaritas and chips&salsa seem like the perfect recipe for Cinco de Mayo.
2. With only weeks left until Memorial Day, I've gotten into a jumpstart beach body mode. Since I didn't go away for spring break, I took that as the opportunity to keep my winter bundle of pounds on. Now that summer is around the corner I'm rearin' and ready to go! So far it has been 5 days of my eating/work out plan, and my best advice is to stick with it. Find what works for you and then just keep doing it. I've actually done pretty well and seen some results already! Also - I found a great website that's helping me a lot. It's called My Fitness Pal - I have never tried a food/exercise journal before because I always thought they seemed like too much work. Boy was I wrong - it's easy, quick, and it really makes you stop and think whether or not you need the food you're about to eat. Best part? It tells you how many weeks - it'll take depending on whatever food you logged in - to get to your ideal weight. For example, it told me that if I keep eating and exercising the way I have been recently, I could weigh 107 in 3 weeks. DEFINITELY motivation to keep going. Try it out!
3. With finals around the corner (for me at least!) I found this site which gave me a good laugh. It's actually not that funny, but for some reason I still laughed. It's just college kids who are absolutely drained from studying, so they fell asleep in the library in some pretty funny positions. Take it as an end of week giggle. http://www.buzzfeed.com/awesomer/25-college-students-defeated-by-finals-week

4. I ventured into Target - just to see what was there. I ended up falling in love with and buying a Jemma Kidd lip gloss (Air Kiss Shine Lip Gloss). It's the perfect bubbly pink and I can't wait to wear it with a tan. Oh Target, your possibilities are endless. Jemma Kidd has a great line - if I'm late to the party then oops, but still - check out her line! I bought "sassy." It stays on a long time too, which is always a plus.

Happy weekend, weekenders!