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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hey there...

Today at 1:20 marks the first interview...of my life. Well - important interview at least. It's the first interview I'll ever be going to where I have to dress up, smile, and work the people skills. Eek! I'm sure everybody else has already had their first interview, but today is my first one and I'm nervous as all get out! I'm sure in like, ten years (maybe even 5) if this blog still exists I'll read this post and laugh about it, because by that point I probably will have survived many more interviews. But as of today...it's the first one and I'm still pretty nervous! 

It's not even an interview for a job which is the funny part - it's for an abroad trip to DC to work in January at a government agency or Congressional office. Still, it's important and I want to make sure to leave a good impression. I decided not to get too too dressed up - I figured I should play it calm and cool and act like I've done this before. Maybe I can fool them! I met with one of the interviewers (?) to hand in a resume before and they told me they gave "serious preference" to the older candidates, and I said "well good news for me I guess" (sarcastically) and she laughed, then told me I had a good sense of humor. Why oh why can't humor be the deal sealer instead of GPA and work experience?! The world would be so much more fun! 

I'm a little bit nervous because I finish class at 1:10 and then have to scoot alllllll the way across campus by 1:20 to be there on time. Is that a time crunch or what? I probably should have asked for a little later of a time, but I didn't want them to think I was a little brat that they had to accommodate. 

Hopefully I don't say "um" and "like" today, and hopefully I'm not a sweaty ugly mess from running across campus! Here's a little glimpse of my outfit - just a striped teal dress and some pink ballet flats. Figured I should keep it casually pulled together. Also I have a small gold headband on from J.Crew and I decided to keep my makeup pretty minimal (don't want to look like I'm trying too hard...and also don't want to look like a Barbie doll since this is after all a political internship...) by wearing mascara, blush, and pink lipgloss. 

Right about now I've decided I am WAY too nervous....but who wasn't nervous their first time doing anything important? These quotes are helping me a little bit, at least to ease the jitters. 

 I think I can, I think I can! Wish me luck! 


P.S. --> Like all good things in life, I hope to look back at this post one day and laugh.

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