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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Target Tuesday

Hey there -

I'm going to keep today short and sweet - but first I'm sad because all my favorite blogettes have not posted recently! Wah! Hope everything and everyone is okay! Anyways, I usually (aka all my life) have never been a Target shopper. Sports bras were the extent to my apparel purchases from the big red store. It's not that I never liked anything - I just never gave myself the opportunity to like anything. In other words, I always viewed Target as a drugstore and appliance store more than a clothing store. However, the more and more I walk through the Target here at school I see more and more clothes that look very appealing to me. So, Target goers, is it just me or has Target gone upscale and chic in their clothes?

Anyways - I'm loving that Target picked up a line called "The Webster." My best description would be  a very economical Lilly Pulitzer. They have cute dresses, shorts, and cardigans from the likes of it. I picked up a cardigan from The Webster a few weeks ago, and I have to say I love it. It's a very neat and sophisticated looking line. Very pulled together. The whole collection can be found in stores, and also online here where they have online prices...yippie for cheaper!!! Here are just a few pieces from the collection that I thought were cute and well-priced.  

Hopefully that gives you a little glimpse of the collection. It's cute! Not cheap fabric either, it's pretty well made. Definitely worth a try-on if not a purchase. Also...they had adorable robes for anyone who is looking for anything in that department! 

Happy Tuesday!


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