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Friday, May 4, 2012


Who else could not be happier that it's Friday? I'm in the final stretch until summertime and I can't wait for school to be o-v-e-r. Another year under the belt, yippie! Also - it dawned on me yesterday that we spend roughly half of our lives in school....yawn. As important as education is, maybe in future future years from now they'll cut down on the years of schooling. There needs to be more time for life and fun!!! For the Friday post I'll just make it a "what's up and on my mind" sort of deal.

1. Tomorrow (Saturday) is Cinco de Mayo. Now - I have absolutely no Spanish/Latina/Mexican in me at all whatsoever, but this is an excuse to celebrate a holiday! Plus, my sister is Puerto Rican so maybe I do have a right to celebrate. Last year was pretty fun but I think this year will top it for sure - like everybody knows college always has the best t-shirts with the best (and dumbest) slogans...last year ours was "Cinco de Drinko." Cute, right? Sadly this year there were no t-shirts, but I guess that's good for my (I mean my dads) bank account. Guess I'll be recycling Cinco de Drinko for it's second annual appearance! I plan to spend tomorrow on the patio at a local  Mexican restaurant with Kyle and a group of our friends. Pitchers of margaritas and chips&salsa seem like the perfect recipe for Cinco de Mayo.
2. With only weeks left until Memorial Day, I've gotten into a jumpstart beach body mode. Since I didn't go away for spring break, I took that as the opportunity to keep my winter bundle of pounds on. Now that summer is around the corner I'm rearin' and ready to go! So far it has been 5 days of my eating/work out plan, and my best advice is to stick with it. Find what works for you and then just keep doing it. I've actually done pretty well and seen some results already! Also - I found a great website that's helping me a lot. It's called My Fitness Pal - I have never tried a food/exercise journal before because I always thought they seemed like too much work. Boy was I wrong - it's easy, quick, and it really makes you stop and think whether or not you need the food you're about to eat. Best part? It tells you how many weeks - it'll take depending on whatever food you logged in - to get to your ideal weight. For example, it told me that if I keep eating and exercising the way I have been recently, I could weigh 107 in 3 weeks. DEFINITELY motivation to keep going. Try it out!
3. With finals around the corner (for me at least!) I found this site which gave me a good laugh. It's actually not that funny, but for some reason I still laughed. It's just college kids who are absolutely drained from studying, so they fell asleep in the library in some pretty funny positions. Take it as an end of week giggle. http://www.buzzfeed.com/awesomer/25-college-students-defeated-by-finals-week

4. I ventured into Target - just to see what was there. I ended up falling in love with and buying a Jemma Kidd lip gloss (Air Kiss Shine Lip Gloss). It's the perfect bubbly pink and I can't wait to wear it with a tan. Oh Target, your possibilities are endless. Jemma Kidd has a great line - if I'm late to the party then oops, but still - check out her line! I bought "sassy." It stays on a long time too, which is always a plus.

Happy weekend, weekenders! 


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