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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hey there! I have been on a super blogging hiatus, and I haven't liked it one bit. Between the papers and the finals it has been hard to find a minute of peace for myself, as I'm sure all of you can relate. Clearly I failed my thankfulness blogging challenge, but then again you don't need to write out what your thankful for as long as you are thankful every single day for all of your blessings. That being said, here is a small-ish recap of what has been going on recently with me.

1. I was asked to campaign for Newt Gingrich and was featured in his Last Conservative Standing video. 32,000 views - that's probably the most famous I will ever be! I got to meet Newt, help campaign, and really get a feel for what politics is like outside of the television. I had a great time. Sadly Newt is dropping out tomorrow, but he had a good run and I had a great experience. I figured out (again) that politics is a lot like sports in that it's all about competition and how to beat an opponent. Pretty cool how heated things can get. In a way, politics is just like a grown-mans middle school with gossip and rumors everywhere. I liked it though! Definitely not going to forget the experience, ever.
{Newt & I...yippie!}

2. Kyle and I went to a Rick Ross and Meek Mills concert last week. We had a pretty good time - I'm not huge followers of either artist but I do love "I think I'm big meeeech!" a lot. Usually concerts here at school are pretty crowded and full of actual UD kids, but this one seemed to have a lot more townies there. I guess Kyle and I were pretty outnumbered there...and we looked pretty dumb because EVERYONE knew the lyrics to every single song except for us. There was this super dorky kid next to us (alone, in the aisle) though dancing which provided way too much entertainment. 
{Kyle & I before the show}

3. Kyle and I saw a dead body laying in the street. He took me to go get hamburgers at the best place ever (holy milkshakes) and on the way back to my apartment we saw this thing about 150 feet ahead of us laying in the street. It was dark and we were unsure of what it was at first (obviously we weren't suspecting it to be a dead person!) but as we got closer and slowed down we saw a torso, arms spread out, eyes open, mouth open, and blood EVERYWHERE. Imagine your  stereotypical dead person. That's what we saw. It felt like an episode of Law and Order SVU. It was pretty creepy, but Kyle was more scared than I was! We circled around again and by that time the cops and ambulances and the whole shabang had arrived. Pretty creepy stuff...my mind is scarred forever. Turns out it was a hit and run (and whoever hit her stole her wallet....effed up!), but she was pronounced dead on the scene. So rest in peace to this woman, and I hope they find whatever a-hole did that to her. People are really cruel.

4. That's about it with me. I'm waiting to hear back on an abroad program which would be cool to get into, but would be the first time I've ever really been away away from Kyle :( . Luckily this "abroad" isn't too far and is just back in DC interning with a government agency, so we would not be far from each other at all. Listen to me complaining when there are military husbands+wives separated across the globe for months at a time! "Thankful I have my guy here!"

So that's about it for me today...I did find this below which I thought was cute and so true...love Monday.


P.S. --> I now LOVE the new blogger format, because I finally understand it!

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