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I'm an east coast girl making my way through life. I have a love for cooking, fitness, and really anything that can bring me happiness. Living my life for the next day and on a search for whatever my happily ever after may be. Life's too short to be unhappy right? If you navigated your way here, stay awhile! Have a nice day!
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Manic Monday

Hey there -

I seriously should not be on blogger right now, because I have two exams today. But hey, we all need a break sometimes. I can't wait to get home and get out of school - this year just needs to be done! I'm super envious of everybody who ended weeks ago (even days ago) who are home enjoying the first few pages of summer. Me on the other hand, I'm stuck here and there isn't even nice weather to make me feel better. This is how I feel right now.  

                                          {The artist must have had me in mind drawing this}

I actually don't have too much to say today, as I spent the majority of my weekend watching Shark Tank with Kyle and eating miscellaneous candy items from 7-11. My mom & dad came by though and took Kyle and I out to dinner...I had crabcakes and they were absolutely delicious. I swear, seafood is by far my favorite food. Anytime of day, any type of seafood - I will eat it with relish and joy. It was a fun time though - we all had a good sit down, mostly talking about the eager anticipation of summer and being home. 

I have a final exam today on the full lists of cabinet members in Iran...lucky me. I really just can't wait to get home and get on with life (hah!) which for me will consist of my real gym which is complete with numerous fun classes and cool equipment, and also beach time and baseball time (go Nats!). 

I'm still working at the law firm I talked about earlier this summer - I'm really not sure how big of a role I'll have there, but it's good experience for me and will also look good on the ever so important resume. Plus, maybe I'll have some epiphany of what I want to be when I'm older (love that I can still say this for the time being...). 

Also....Gossip Girl tonight! Not quite sure if it's the season finale....(GOD I HOPE NOT) but make sure to watch! I have a feeling it's going to be a good one. Last episode of Desperate Housewives EVER was on last night...cannot tell you what a depression I'm in that the ladies of Wisteria Lane are gone for good - but that is ANOTHER post for a whole new day (I could go on and on and on).


Now that I've realized how incredibly boring this post is...I figure I better get back to studying. T minus 40 minutes until I have to get into that stupid exam room....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So - happy Monday to everybody, happy summer to those of you who are done with school, and happy graduation to any newly post-grad kids out there...you did it!!

As for me -- Rosie the Riveter is my source of ummph to get me through the next week or so.... 



  1. Good luck with your exams!! What did you think of GG btw?! Ahh it was so crazy, I can't wait for next season!

    1. I was SO mad at Chuck oh my goodness....I have been team chuck/blair since DAY ONE! They're too perfect for each other. And Serena...don't even get me started I hate her now!

  2. haaay there facebook friend!! ;) guess what? seafood is my absolute favorite food too!!! jacob & i had crab legs for our 1 year anniversary, and my family made shrimp for my graduation dinner. HEAVEN!


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