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Thursday, April 5, 2012

T.V. Shows

Hey there,

This is like the latest I've ever posted on a blog...oh well! This is just a summary of my favorite T.V. shows. Nighttime ones. See, I like to have one for every night of the week. Just so that there's always something to look forward too! I think that's ok right? To have something small to look forward to each day? We all deserve that. YOLO! Just kidding...I absolutely HATE HATE HATE the phrase YOLO, and I hate Drake right now for even making it popular. Anyways - here is my T.V. schedule. Obviously I'm super bored since I'm writing about this...oops!

Monday Nights
- Gossip Girl (CW, 8pm)
- Hart of Dixie (CW, 9pm)
- The Voice (NBC, 8pm)
- Pawn Stars (History, 10pm)
.....HATE HATE HATE the time overlap
Tuesday Nights
- New Girl (FOX, 9pm)
- The Voice (NBC, 9pm)
.....HATE HATE HATE the time overlap
Wednesday Nights
- Modern Family (ABC, 9pm)

Thursday Nights
- Jersey Shore (MTV, 10pm)
Friday Nights
- Say Yes to the Dress (TLC, all night?)
Saturday Nights
- Nothing
- Whatever ABCFamily movie is on

Sunday Nights
- Desperate Housewives (ABC, 9pm)
- GCB (ABC, 10pm)

So, here's where I need your guys help. I NEED A NEW THURSDAY NIGHT SHOW! Jersey Shore's season is over and now my Thursday nights are naked. I need a replacement for now. Please don't say American Idol either, the show stinks now in my opinion. Used to be way better!

Please give me a Thursday suggestion! Or let me know about any other good shows out there I'm missing!

XOXO, Rosie


  1. Oh my gosh, LOVE GG, Hart of Dixie, GCB, and Desperate Housewives! I don't have any shows that I watch on Thursday, though! That's a break night for me, too, because nothing good comes on!

    P.S. Thanks for the follow! Have a great weekend!

  2. i love gossip girl! :D

    have a nice weekend ! :)

  3. i hate YOLO too! especially now that it has become EVERYONE'S motto on spring break. hash-tagging #yolo should be banned from twitter. i wish i had a good thursday show to suggest! unfortunately all the shows i watch fall on sunday & tuesday. meaning i have to watch half my shows a week later online, ew.


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