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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hump Day

Hey there,

I don't know about you but I absolutely cannot wait for this week to be over. I'm not quite sure why, but the days keep getting longer and more boring. Guess it's time to switch things up huh? Side note...I'm pretty pissed that it's April 11 and 50 degrees out. I bought more sundresses for a reason, but now I've found myself back in Ugg's! Come on, Al Gore...you said there was global warming. Liar.

I've started to work out more for the summertime and I've found a pretty good way to keep track of progress. Basically it's just taking a picture in a sports bra and shorts and labeling them by day, just so I can watch myself progress. It isn't vain either I swear, it's just the only motivation there is to keep going! I'm definitely 100% breaking every rule that's ever been published about loving your body and being comfortable, because I put these pictures in a file on my desktop called "EW YOU'RE FAT." I should probably switch that title I was just in a rush when I made it, but it makes me laugh when I see it. Also side note...everybody should love their body and feel good about themselves! And if you don't feel good - self-improvement!
{I know that picture is terrible, but it made me laugh!}

I was eating some strawberries in bed before class today watching "The Today Show." I don't know why but when they went to commercial break they were advertising for a show the following morning. They said "Tomorrow on Today" and I just lost it. It's probably not funny to anyone else, and I don't even know why it was funny. Maybe because they said it really fast? Or because it's an oxymoron?

Last but not least, I must say even though I only have 16 followers I love my 16! Quality not quantity, correct? And let me say, I have the top quality with you bunch. Something I added to my bucket-list also is to meet some blogger friends before I die. I realize the idea of meeting someone from the internet is a terrible and frowned upon thing, but some of you guys just seem to be carbon-copies and soul sisters of mine. Hopefully one day some of us can meet or bump into each other, I think it'd be cool! Until then...there's always Facebook to make us friends, so feel free to friend!
Now that you all probably think I'm either A) weird B) creepy or C) all of the above...woops.

Happy Hump-Day!


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  1. hahahahah that dr. phil picture made me laugh out loud! i'm the worst with the annoying self-loathing thing. i don't really think i'm fat, but i like to complain about being a fatty everytime i eat. i wore a tight skirt out last night and i was pouting to my boyfriend about looking fat in it (i swear i had a food baby after dinner) and his best friend across the room yelled "SHUT UP KELSEY" hahaha whoops! i've been wanting to meet some of my blogger friends too! i see other people post about going on "blog dates" and it sounds so fun, but how does it happen?? i'd feel so creepy randomly messaging someone like "hey, i think we should make this friendship official & meet."

    why do i always leave such long comments?? oh well! have an awesome weekend!!!


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