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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hey guys! I don't know about you, but like always I am so ready for this week to be over. Probably because my spring break starts on Friday! I'm not going anywhere this year, just home to be with my family. Too bad, I really could use some sun and fun but I also miss my family terribly and would love nothing more than to spend a week home with them. Today is a two part post because I don't think I'll be back on tomorrow (last week of school, lots of midterms...you know the drill).

1. First off, St. Patty's day was a huge success. I made Kyle a big, green breakfast to get his day started off on a good note. I made the lucky charm cupcakes I posted on my St. Patty's inspiration post, but stupidly forgot to take a picture! Anyways - those were a big success. I made some for my best girlfriends, and I made some for Kyle's roommates. They were all gone in a flash, so next year people...make them for your friends!! Best way to show you care for someone is to cook them something delicious, in my opinion at least.
Kyles green pancake Patty's day breakfast

2. My favorite pair of Ugg moccasins finally ripped, sad day for me. I think it was their way of telling me that spring was here and I needed to resort to a cuter, more spring time look. So, in honor of those little moccasins I got another pair. They are the prettiest shade of blue and make my day by just slipping them on. I can't find an exact link for them, but I did find these two pictures and I'd say they are a cross between these shoes (but cuter!).

3. Something I need in my closet is... the Lily Pulitzer Maybell dress! The minute I saw it I coveted it. I love this dress, maybe for the color and maybe for the beadwork - but something about it just screams my name. Sad that it costs an upward of $250 but still...it seems like the classic dress that could never go out of style, right? Keeping my fingers crossed that this little number will be in my closet sooner rather than later.

4. Since I said I was doing spring break home, here's a little collage of my favorite things to do back in D.C. The pictures are a little bit hard to see (time crunch, wah) but if you want any specifics just shoot me a message! Obviously this is a non-exhaustive list, it's just the places I'm looking forward to going back to the most when I get home. I did leave some favorites out though, you'll have to venture down to the cap to find them yourself ;)
Washington Monument - Yes it's very touristy, but I love nothing more than driving down there at night and laying on the lawn in front of it and just staring up at it in all it's glory. Plus the fountains by the monument are even prettier at night when they are lit up.
Georgetown Cupcake - Again, very touristy...but sometimes a girl just needs a little red velvet. This was actually a picture of their old store front before they moved. So many cupcake places are around the city now though that I find equally to be as good - especially the non-chain ones.
National Zoo - Again, very very touristy...but I don't care. Ask any of my friends, I'm an avid zoo lover and zoo goer. I love nothing more than going to see the orangutans. My favorite is Lucy. She's the oldest one there but has the biggest personality. She'll make faces with you and is just hilarious to spend an afternoon looking at.
Bens Chili Bowl - Kind of touristy. It's a main staple to DC life but it is so delicious regardless. The best is their classic Cosby half smoke. Kyle has never been there, so I'm taking him for spring break. Their cheese fries too are out of this world. This is a place to go to splurge on whatever diet you're on. Trust me, you'll want to.
Georgetown - What's not to love about Georgetown? There's something for everybody. Great shopping, fantastic food, gorgeous architecture - everything you could want for a sunny afternoon. Taking a walk through Georgetown is one of my favorite things to do, you always find something new.
Dupont Circle - Despite what rumors and labels this place has about it, it still is a great place to just hang out for the afternoon. They have great little stores and restaurants, and a fabulous circle with a huge fountain. I love it here, and wish I could spend more time here also. Definitely check out the neighborhood if you're ever in the city.
Washington Nationals! - Games haven't started yet, sad! But summer time is all about the Nationals game. They have the best atmosphere, and I'm so happy DC finally got their baseball team back. The area around the stadium is really developing too, so I think you'll start to see more places pop up around there. My perfect summer day is a hot sun, jean shorts, a five guys burger, and a Nats game with a big honkin scoop of gelato.
Sweet Green - Please tell me you guys have tried this? Sadly we don't have one by school for me, but Sweet Green is my ultimate favorite salad. They have the best best best and freshest salads you could ask for in my opinion. And they have fro yo too! I'm salivating just thinking about their chicken caesar salad. I get mine with grapes and apples in it - you can add in your own toppings to the salad. Plus it's super fast.
Surfside - Last but certainly not least is Surfside, one of my favorite restaurants in DC. It's like a baja restaurant, with lots of burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and more. It's a very laid back place and I love the atmosphere in it. It reminds me of a beach restaurant that you go into after a long hot day outside. All their menu items have original names such as Acapulco, Belize, Cozumel...you get the picture! My favorite is the Cuba tacos. It's pork carnitas with the best pineapple salsa you'll ever taste. It's the perfect combination of salty and sweet. I cannot wait to go here right when I get home.

So that's a little about me and my hometown favorites. Everyone has their own but that's just a glimpse into what I love about where I'm from.

XOXO, Rosie


  1. Love the dress, the color is wonderful!:-)

  2. Good luck on your finals! I bet you are so excited to get back home! I've never been there before, but hope to someday :)


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