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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Slow Down, Week!

Hey guys!

Why is that when you're having a terrible week, the whole week goes by so slow? Likewise, why when you're having an amazing one does it fly by? My spring break has been nothing short of spectacular. I'm planning a big post for Sunday showing everything that I've done while home. While I may not be sipping away at a Mai-Tai on a beautiful, sunny coastal beach, I believe I'm having the classic spring break by being home. Classic always wins out in the end too ;) For my hump day post I decided to show a few of my favorite websites (the non-mainstream ones), the ones that are always there when the rest of the internet seems boring! Pinterest not included because we all know thats #1. These sites won't sharpen you intellectually, but we all have those days when we want to be lazy on the internet and these are just some I've found.

1. If You Watch It Backwards This is a tumblr site, but it's one I found so randomly, randomly enough that I don't remember how! It always has something on it that's funny or just plain interesting. Whoever operates the tumblr does a great job with this site. You're guaranteed to find something that will make you laugh or put you in awe. It's just a cool site to check out once in awhile. It's either a hit or miss with some of the pictures, but the nonetheless on a good day it can be a fun site.
This was one of their pictures in a section called "Fashion of the Congo"

2.What My Friends Think I Do This site kind of collects those pictures that have been floating around Facebook. Again, it's a hit or miss. Some of them are hysterical and others I just don't have enough knowledge about what they're saying to understand. I like it because sometimes, if you find a picture that hits home with you or a friend, they can brighten your whole day.
You can expect to find pictures like these, they're humorous!

3. Post Secret I hope you all are familiar with the Post Secret project series! If not, you are missing out my friends. Summed up - Post Secret is an idea thought up by this guy. You send a homemade post card and write a secret on it of yours. Then he picks the craziest ones, the most beautiful ones, and the ones that just make you think and publishes them in a book. It is 100% anonymous and SO much fun to read and to know there are people out there who are really human. A lot can be sad and really make you reflect. It's a nice little collection, and awesome to see that people think the same way about a lot. People send in the secrets that they could never say out loud. I'm obsessed with Post Secret - I own the books he's published with them, but if you just want a taste before you commit to the book here's their site.

4. Free Samples. I consider myself generous to share this last website!! I haven't told anybody about it, and I've been keeping it as my little secret. How stupid I would feel if everyone else knew about it already, and I'm just late to the party. Basically, everyday this website finds a free sample of something. Yes, everyday you get a free goodie. Downside is for most you have to wait 4-6 weeks in the mails to get it, but just last week I got a 7 day sample of Lancome Genifique. Not too shabby.

That's about it for Wednesday. Hope everyone is having a healthy and happy week and is looking forward to the weekend as much as I am.

XOXO, Rosie


  1. love love LOVE post secret! i'll admit some of them have made me cry before! i also look at random tumblr accounts for cute, funny or inspirational pics! it's something i do when i'm bored & can't fall asleep haha. anddd WOAH, maybe i'm a newbie, but i have never heard of that free sample site! sounds incredible!

  2. You need to get on the free sample site...seriously something free everyday! I got free mascara from Sephora once too so it's definitely something worth bookmarking I swear


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