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I'm an east coast girl making my way through life. I have a love for cooking, fitness, and really anything that can bring me happiness. Living my life for the next day and on a search for whatever my happily ever after may be. Life's too short to be unhappy right? If you navigated your way here, stay awhile! Have a nice day!
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Emotional Clean-Out

Hi everybody, (anybody?!). I wanted to write about something that I find to be a total necessity in life. We all get upset, we all hold our grudges, but at the end of the day...what are they worth? Someone once said that for every minute you're angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness. That's a true statement. Life is so short, and it shouldn't be wasted letting other people get to you, or even with you trying to get to other people.

Grudges are understandable sometimes: someone does something and it hurts you or upsets you. It's only natural to form some ill feelings towards that person. But really, why? What good will it do you to feel bad about them? It won't. I learned this hard way, but I am sure glad that I learned it at some point. You can be as mean or as mad or as bitter as you want, but you're just hurting yourself.

One of the most freeing things I've come to find is to just let go, to decompress. To take a step back from life, take a deep breath and put everything into prospective. What good will it do you to be mad at someone? It's a waste of energy, and that person is a human too. We need to love each other and care for each other no matter how hard it may be at times.

Another important lesson I've learned? The second you just forgive and forget and focus on being sweet and living your life, whatever problem you had goes away. The person you're in a tiff with realizes that it was also a big mistake, a big misunderstanding. Sweetness kills hatred, my friends. It's a tough lesson to learn, but once you learn it I promise that you will find more happiness than you've ever known. This is going from the ex-queen of grudge holding too, but the minute I realized that keeping ill feelings towards someone just makes me sick myself? Well, let's just say I've definitely come along way. Sweetness is the way to go. It makes you happy and anyone else around you happy, and that is the key to happiness. Spread the happy, it catches on. Try it for a week, see how it goes. Till then...happy Saturday :)

XO, Rosie

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